Workshops & Events

Education for the Future

The Living Centre offers transformational trainings and experiences that support people like you to become the leaders of tomorrow. Established upon Earth-centered values, the programs support you to reach your full potential and move forward in your life’s purpose.  The Centre offers public classes and professional training programs suitable to people of all ages and backgrounds. You’ll find learning opportunities at many levels of skill and experience. 

A Comprehensive Approach

Comprehensive, wisdom-based education, provides leading-edge training to bring forth pioneers and visionary leaders in the fields of Holistic Health, Ecology, Eco-Spirituality and Peace Consciousness. Integrating the principles of The Sevenfold Path of Peace into all of our programs offers a lifestyle approach to education that supports respect for life, human dignity, freedom, ecological sustainability, and peace.

For those new to this kind of education, the Centre is a trustworthy port of entry. For those long involved in healing, human potential, cultural/social change, and ecological regeneration the Centre offers a reliable source for new information, experience and a dependable place for deepening your knowledge.

Our Seven Educational Pathways include: 


Shamanu: Earth Wisdom Teachings

Ayurvedic Living Nutrition

Visionary Herbalism

Forest Gardening


Mentorship Programs