Work-Trade Opportunities

Welcome to the Work-trade process at The Living Centre. Many people desire to learn and develop regenerative ways of living with the Earth, themselves and one’s community but are often prevented from pursuing their passion because of finances. 

The Work-trade process offers a way to learn and simultaneously support The Living Centre to make for a win-win situation – or what we like to call – Sacred Reciprocity. 

The work-trade positions are usually for those who can commute to and from the Centre; however, we are willing to explore solutions with you. The work-trade allows you to attend the workshop or training you choose in exchange for work supporting the Centre’s needs and growth. Expect to participate in a diversity of work experiences.

We expect people to treat this no differently than a regular job. This means:

  • Showing up on time
  • Having the mental and physical capacity to do the work assigned. 
  • Taking the work seriously
  • Honouring The Living Centre’s policies and ethics
  • Being able to work independently and for full days
  • Be fully present to the task at hand
  • Having a cooperative and pleasant attitude

While being on the land is a joy for most people who come here, the work-trade positions are not a ‘retreat’ time.  

Work-trade jobs include: 

  • Working in the forest gardens, greenhouse and orchards
  • Harvesting and processing
  • Helping with the beautification of the Centre – cleaning, organizing etc.
  • Handyman, carpenter
  • Office work
  • Advertising and promotion
  • Computer/tech work
  • Visual arts
  • Public relations

The positions are part-time. People accepted for the work-trade will be selected based on experience, a person’s consistent availability on certain days, and a willingness to do what may be needed that day.

We offer $15 to $20 an hour toward the programs of your choice. If possible, we ask that you complete your hours before beginning your workshop or program.

The work-exchange does not include correspondence courses, products or accommodations should that apply. See here for accommodation details. 

We are looking for enthusiastic and energetic individuals with a strong interest in learning, growing and participating.

Please send a resume, references and cover letter explaining why you are the person for this position and what skills you must bring. Email Lorenna or Shantree to A telephone interview will be arranged upon receipt of your resume.  

We look forward to supporting you in fulfilling your dreams!