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Visionary Herbalism Teacher Training


Ecological Pathways to a Sustainable Future

pics of centre summer 06 030 mediumVisionary Herbalism is the first course of its kind in the western world, combining the ancient wisdom and modern nutritional science of herbalism with the Practical, Therapeutic and Energetic aspects of Plant Medicine.

Herbalism is Gaia in Action. It is the medicine of belonging; the direct experience of the whole healing the part. To heal ourselves we must know ourselves and the ground upon which we stand.

Intuition and common sense tells us that we are one with the Earth. If our world is sick and poisoned, then so are we. If the forests are being destroyed, then we die a little with each felling. Humanity is being faced with the beautiful reality that we are a part of a ‘shared planet'.

We are at a turning point on the planet, with the realization that the intimate embrace of our world is a healing force moving humanity towards a transformation in our relationship with the earth, each other and ourselves.

Having studied and integrated the various aspects of Visionary Herbalism you may feel called to share what you have learned with others. Certified teachers will be able to facilitate this wisdom-centered course. Each aspect of this course includes practical instruction, which you can begin to apply immediately into your daily life.

The herbalism correspondence courses can be taken individually or as a diploma course. Previous herbalism or plant medicine experience is not required. This educational process is for people from all walks of life who are enthusiastic about bringing the path of the herbalist lifestyle into their own lives and to their communities.

"All plants are our brothers and sisters. They talk to us and if we listen, we can hear them."

The Process


The Visionary Herbalism Diploma Process

To receive the Visionary Herbalism Educator's Diploma, the following pre-requisites must be completed:

Completion of three of our Herbalism Correspondence Courses

Completion of our Three of our Herbalism or Nutrition Mentorship Programs (check our Calendar for dates)

Completion of a Thesis Papers & Research Projects

Visionary Herbalism Dipoma Process is divided into three parts:

Part 1: Correspondence Courses

Each herbal correspondence course comes with a course binder or Adobe DVD Reader and textbooks the essential material to provide you with the information and instructions needed to become a Visionary Herbalism Educator

In addition, you will receive reference textbooks from the leaders in the field of herbalism and ecology as essential parts of your study. Upon completion of each section you will be asked to submit the lesson for examination and feedback.

Upon completing the correspondence course material you will be asked to complete a thesis and a research project for examination to evaluate your competence and the practices and principles of Visionary Herbalism. The estimated time for completion of this diploma course is two to three years. We offer four distinctive Herbalism Correspondence Courses.

Part 2: Completion of the Mentorship Program

Completion of our Three of our Herbalism or Nutrition Mentorship Programs

The mentorship aspect of the course is to ensure that you get hands-on experience and have clearly understood and integrated the course material into your life and is ready to share this information with others. Qualified participants will receive intense instruction, practice and evaluation in the various aspects of Herbalism, Nutritional, Energetic and Medicinal Herbalism: Edible Wild Plants, Regenerative Ecological Design Practices and Earth Wisdom Teachings. Teaching and speaking skills will be reviewed and support given to develop the expertise needed to facilitate the Visionary Herbalism course.

The mentorship programs can be completed in a two to three year period, there are usually two to three mentorship programs offered each year approximately one 3-day weekend each season from early spring to late fall. Our three herbalism and nutrition mentorship programs are the following:

Part 3: The Completion of a Thesis & Research Project

This includes 12 One-to-One Tutorial Sessions

The One-to-One Tutorial Sessions are offered as an essential aspect of this course to both support and guide you in deepening your advanced herbal studies. You pick a specific topic/aspect of plant medicine that you desire to understand and articulate as a written thesis as well as a research project that you can offer to your community.

Upon completion of this uniquely designed educational process you will have the opportunity to become a Visionary Herbalism Educator. As a certified instructor your relationship to The Living Centre will be of the network of teachers.

Course Hours

This 1200 hour diploma course will consist of instruction in core herbal subjects such as materia medica, herbal therapeutics, herbal pharmacology, herbal pharmacy, history and philosophy of plant medicine, nutritional chemistry, herbal energetics, botany, field studies, plant identification and ecosystem ecology.

350 Mentorship Classroom & Hands-On 3-Day Trainings & 7-Day Intensives

360 Correspondence Course Study Hours

450 Thesis and Research Hours

28 Field Study Hours

12 One-on-One Tutorial Hours
1200 Total Hours

"By learning you will teach; by teaching you will understand." ~Latin Proverb



Visionary Herbalism Diploma FAQ

What are the prerequisites for completing the Visionary Herbalism Diploma Course?

  • Incorporating the Practices and Ethics of the Path of the Herbalist into one's lifestyle.
  • Attendance and Completion of:

Completion of three of our Herbalism Correspondence Courses

Completion of three of our Mentorship Programs

Completion of Thesis Papers & Research Projects

  • Write three thesis papers of 5,000 words each.
  • Conduct three research projects and presentations at the end of each course of study.
  • Attendance must be at least 80% in the mentorship program required for certification.
  • Completion of 12 one-on-one sessions with Shantree Kacera

When will I receive the Correspondence Course?

Some people realize that they want to become a Visionary Herbalism Educator once they attend a herb walk or once they are under way in one of the herbal correspondence courses. The correspondence course can be applied once you know this is the direction you wish to take. The actual course material and textbooks are shipped to you within 10 to 14 days of receiving your registration fee and a Letter of Intention.

The Correspondence Courses and Mentorship Program provides foundational information and will support your herbal educational and therefore, valuable to incorporate it into your course of practical application as soon as is possible.

How long will it take to become certified?

All participants will have three years to complete the program after receiving the Correspondence Courses. An extension time is a available.

What does it mean to be a Herbal Educator?

Upon completion of this uniquely designed program, the correspondence course and mentorship program you will give you the opportunity to become a Visionary Herbalist Educator.

We support you in teaching this herbalism course in a manner and frequency that is flexible understanding the fullness of today's lifestyle. We will provide ongoing support including suggestions for promoting your services.

Career Opprotunities

01CD 045.jpg

The Herbalist Profession

There is no culture, ancient or modern that did not use plants as part of their natural way of life.

The herbalist way comes to us from a long lineage of responsible healing practices. Herbalists of today are self-employed, operating their own companies; produce herbal products; grow herbs for sale for customers; own retail stores; or educate the general public. Teaching positions are abundant through college and school continuing education programs.

If you are enthusiastic about working with plants; if you would like to learn more about the transformative power of plants and how to use them to enrich your life, and how to share this leading edge information with others, then the Visionary Herbalism Diploma Course is for you.

Discover how to teach and empower others to experience lasting health, soulful connection with nature and be of service to humanity and the Earth through our group and individual one-on-one trainings.

Become a part of the expanding Living Arts Institute network.

Imagine ... making a living doing what you love, while supporting others and the planet.

Is this Program for You?

If you agree to more than five of the following statements then The Living Arts Institute Visionary Herbalist course may be just what you are looking for!

  • I want to start a successful career as an Herbal Educator.
  • I want professional training that will help me implement the skills and techniques to motivate and inspire others in the way of a herbalist lifestyle.
  • I want access to the leading-edge up-to-date education from herbalist's foremost thinkers and authors
  • I want to be around radiant, healthy and motivated people - who want to support others to be healthy and reach their optimal potential.
  • I believe that incorporating herbs and plants is a common sense approach to living a vibrant life.
  • I could enhance my current educational background with the many lifestyle approaches of herbs.
  • I can benefit from deepening my connecting nature.
  • I see myself as an herbal educator.

Upon completion of your course you may become a part of The Living Centre's team.

A Growing Need

The work place is inundated with natural health and herbal practitioners. Much of what is taught in the herbal field is replicating the ‘medical model'. The focus is on treatment rather than cause. Products and supplements abound and people's medicine cabinets are now being filled with ‘wholistic pills'. The results are often temporary.

The Visionary Herbalism course takes you back to the source of herbal healing where lifestyle practices were as important as the herb taken for medicinal use. Through plant identification, nutrition, gardening, self-attunement practices and reconnection with the Elements you will be given a wholistic model of herbal education that brings lasting results.

Visionary Herbalism is an innovative process that facilitates the well-being and deep ecology issues that are needed in this modern world. Herbalism is a preventative natural system, with a lineage of thousands of years.

Creating a Fulfilling Career

Upon completion of the Visionary Course you will be eligible to create a career as an Herbal Educator. Assessing the emergent popularity of the natural healing arts, a career as an Herbalist is both rewarding and fulfilling, knowing you are making a difference.

The Visionary Herbalism principles can be taught and applied through teaching workshops, in schools and colleges, in ecology centers and in professional institutions which incorporate innovative processes to educate their staff and employees about preventive health and well-being.

Opportunity Potentials

Choosing a career as a Visionary Herbal Educator will open doors of opportunities in a variety of environmental centered educational centers. Or you may desire the scheduling flexibility that being a private herbal educator can give you. Either way, life as an Herbal Educator enables you to experience continual growth for yourself, as well as enjoy the noble opportunity of being of service of others.

Career Opportunities

  • The Herbal Industry
  • Teaching and Private Tutoring
  • Educational Consulting Services
  • Natural Health and Wellness Centers
  • Herb and Health Food Stores
  • Ecological and Nature Centers
  • Include in your already existing wellness practice

Follow your Bliss, and Fulfillment will Follow!



Visionary Herbalism Diploma Tuition

Course Investment: Standard Tuition Package $10,500. Discount package $9000.

Save $1500 from the standard price when you pay the tuition in full upon registration

Tuition when paid in full - $9000. CAD.


  • All three mentorship hands-on 3-day weekends & 7-Day Intensives
  • Correspondence course material
  • 12 one-on-one tutoring sessions
  • Handouts & Textbooks

Does not include hst tax or accommodations in the diploma educational process.