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Sevenfold Path of Peace

Teacher Training 



A New Paradigm in Sustainable Living

Transform Yourself, Transform the World with The Sevenfold Path of Peace. There is a global movement of conscious individuals who have chosen to honor each other, the Earth, and make ‘Peace' a way of life. Be a part of the transformation.

Over a thousand happy students of The Living Arts Institute are already affecting dynamic, positive change in the world!

From the remote ages of antiquity a remarkable teaching has existed which is universal in its application and ageless in its wisdom. The Sevenfold Path of Peace was the summation of the inner teachings of the Essenes. A people who lived in peace and harmony with each other and Nature. This Sevenfold Path offers transformational practices and philosophies that will support you in living a conscious, happy and purpose-filled lifestyle.

the Teacher Training includes practical instruction that can be apply immediately to your life. The apprenticeship program can be taken individually or as a diploma course.

The Sevenfold Path of Peace is designed for anyone interested creating a lifestyle that supports happiness, compassion, love and peace as the core values for a sustainable future.

Become the change you wish to see in the world!



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Sevenfold Path of Peace Diploma Course

To qualify for the Sevenfold Path Educators diploma course, the following pre-requisites must be completed the following three part process:

Part 1: Correspondence Course

The Sevenfold Path Correspondence Course is divided into eight chapters and presented in a binder with the essential material to provide you with the information and instruction needed to become a Sevenfold Peace Educator. This you will receive in a lovely binder. In addition, you will receive reference books from the leaders in the field of the Peace Culture, as essential parts of your study.

Upon completion of each chapter you will be asked to submit the lesson for reveiw and feedback.

After completing the correspondence material you will be asked to complete a written 5,000 word thesis to deepen your competence and the practices and principles of the Sevenfold Path of Peace. The estimated time for completion of the course is 12 to 24 months.

Part 2: Completion our One-Month Residential Apprenticeship Program

  1.  The Sevenfold Path One Month Residential Apprenticeship program

Part 3: Six One-on-One Private Sessions

Part 3: An advanced study and research project and a 5000 word hesis on your topic of choice related to this field of study.

Part 4: Final Presentation

Qualified participants will receive personal instruction, practice and evaluation in the seven aspects of living in peace and the practical steps of how to apply this in one's life and career. Teaching and speaking skills will be reviewed and support given to develop the expertise needed to facilitate the Sevenfold Path of Peace course.

Upon completion you will have the opportunity to become a Sevenfold Path of Peace Educator

"By learning you will teach; by teaching you will understand."~Latin Proverb




What are the prerequisites before attending the Teacher Training Course?

  • Attendance and completion of Apprenticeship program
  • Completing  the Correspondence course and all lessons and assignments.
  • Writing a 5,000 word thesis and conduct a research project
  • Completion of our one-on one sessions with Shantree or Lorenna Kacera

When will I receive the Correspondence Course?

The correspondence course can be applied for prior to or after attending one of the trainings.

The correspondence course provides foundational information and will support the education you receive in the trainings, and therefore, should be incorporating into your course of study as soon as is possible.

How long will it take to become certified?

All participants will have up to two years to complete the program after receiving the Correspondence Course.

What does it mean to be a Sevenfold Path of Peace Educator?

Upon completion of the programs you will have the opportunity to become an Sevenfold Path of Peace Educator.  

We support you in teaching this course in a manner and frequency that suits your schedule. We will provide support including suggestions for promoting your services.

For more information call to speak with one of our advisers: 519-652-9109 or 519-652-0230

Career Opportunities


A Career as a Sevenfold Path of Peace Educator

Be the Change!

We are in a time on the planet where careers focused in building a culture of peace are replacing careers centered on consumerism, greed and war. Careers that are life-supporting, ecologically sustainable and support the human spirit will soon become the norm.

If you are enthusiastic about walking the path of peace in every area of your life; if you would like to learn time tested processes to walk your talk, and how to share this leading edge information with others, then the Sevenfold Path of Peace Educator Course is for you.

Never before has this kind of training been so needed!

Fill the Need

The rich learning experience of the Sevenfold Path of Peace Course is designed to support you to bring forth your full potential and contribute your unique gifts to the healing and evolving of our world.

Discover how to teach and empower others to live the way of peace and create happy and fulfilled lives, through our group and individual one-on-one trainings.

Creating a Fulfilling Career

Upon completion of the program you will be to offer Sevenfold Path of Peace offers/events in your community.

The Sevenfold Path of Peace can be taught through private workshops, in schools and colleges, in healing centers and in professional institutions which incorporate innovative processes to improve the health and well-being of their employees.

More Opportunities

Many have successfully incorporated the wisdom teachings of the Sevenfold Path into their already existing careers. These include: lifestyle counseling, nutritional education, spiritual teachings, ecological endeavors and all careers that are passionately committed to the noblest aspirations of humankind.

Become a part of the solution!


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Sevenfold Path of Peace Diploma Tuition

Course Investment:  

Save $1000. from the standard price when you pay the tuition in full upon registration

Tuition when paid in full - $5225. CAD

Package includes listed training courses, course material and an organic live-food lunch each day of the training. Accommodations, transportation and other meals are not included in the pricing. Taxes are not included.

Please call to speak with a program specialist for further information and to register:
519-652-9109 and 519-652-0230

Payment can be made by certified cheque and is due prior to receiving the Correspondence Course or attendance of your first Training. Please make cheques payable and send to:

The Living Centre

5871 Bells Rd., London, ON.,Canada, N6P 1P3

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge." ~Albert Einstein