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The Sevenfold Path 

Apprenticeship Program

The Call of the Earth


A Residential Leadership Apprenticeship Program
One Month & Two Month Program beginning June 28, 2018

A renaissance in human thought and values is sweeping across the planet. Born out of the planetary crisis that we are facing, a community of pioneering souls is emerging who are creating a culture of harmony and liberation represented by a consciousness of peace, cooperation, living in ecological harmony with the living planet, using the power of natural healing, creating happiness and respect in relationships and acknowledging the sacred in all things. 

The old paradigm of conquering nature and each other is over. What kind of future will we create? This – is the essential adventure of our time. 

The Sevenfold Path Apprenticeship is an invitation to become part of a global movement of conscious people who have chosen to honour the Earth and make ‘Peace' a way of life. The program offers a strong foundation in essential lifestyle philosophies and practices that support each individual to live purposeful and harmonious lives.

Become engaged in a multidimensional process that opens the gates to a deeper understanding of who you are.

"Thank you for offering such a powerful program. I'm leaving with newfound strength and pride. WOW! I feel incredible!" ~ Andy

The Roots

The Sevenfold Path finds its roots in the ancient teachings of the ‘Essenes'. Through practices and philosophies that support the development of the seven aspects of ones life ~ peace with your body, mind, emotions, community, creative work, ecology, and spirit, they proved it possible to live fulfilling, peaceful lives. The Sevenfold Path is a powerful blueprint for developing practical wisdom, integrity, inner-vision and skills through which to express ones unique Spirit.

The Purpose

The Sevenfold Path is a transformational exploration into the heart and soul of one's life, and the questions "Who am I" and "Why what is my path of service?” The purpose of this program is to inspire ‘change makers’ to become a part of something much larger and more fulfilling than the isolated ego. To be a part of a group of Global Citizens who look to Life and common humanism as the core values for a sustainable future.

Why Walk the Path of Peace

A Sevenfold Path Peace~Walker is someone who ‘walks their talk'. Who has reclaimed their personal power, challenges the limitations of cultural beliefs, knows the strength in communtiy, is a potent catalyst for creative change and understands peace as a mighty force for pro-creation. 

Living consciously in accordance with the seven paths of peace, you become a transforming force in your family, community and for the Earth.  

The Experience

What You Will Experience:

One Month: June 28 to July 27, 2018
Two Month - June 28 to September 2, 2018 

The One Month Experience:

Two Month Experience is All of the Above Plus:

As a Sevenfold Path Apprentice you will participate in regenerative meal preparations, garden activities and the maintenance of an eco-spiritual educational centre. The best way to learn – ‘Do It!'

Most days begin and end with morning practices and meditations and evening sunset meditations. You will have one day a week and most evenings free for study and integration. 


The Path

The Path

  • We begin by exploring the factors that have brought us to this significant turning point in humanities evolution. We all sense that there is more to life than what we have been taught to believe. Understanding where we have been helps us to wisely choose the future we are creating.  
  • Understanding what got you here, you begin to redefine what it is to be human in this time of great change -  your unique passions, gifts and responsibility in building a vibrant Earth community 
  • Through an Ayurvedic Constitutional perspective delve into the mysteries of true physical, emotional and spiritual nourishment.    
  • Learn practices to attune your body to the Earth's frequency and the life giving energies of Air, Fire, Water, Earth & Ether
  • Felt awareness and meditation processes guide you into the 'Sacred Silence' to reconnect with Self, your other-than-human community
  • Inner journeying processes opens you to the great flow of 'higher self' wisdom and guidance
  • Learn proven practices and techniques that help to clear 'indoctrinated patterns' and realign you with soul purpose
  • Cultivate permaculture  forest gardening and natural building skills 
  • Wild-crafting, plant identification and the energetics of plants will broaden your education
  • Immersed in a community of like minded pioneers cultivates inter-personal skills, joy and gratitude

Creating a lifestyle that's in attunement with the living Earth, participating in regular eco-spiritual practices, eating nutrition, delicious meals, and being in the gardens, you come to see Nature as your most revered guide and teacher.

The Forest Gardens

The Living Centre strives to support the elevation of consciousness through our Permaculture garden practices. A diversity of Forest Gardens enhance the beautiful landscape.

Live~Food Resilient Kitchen

Our Organic Vegan Live-Food Cuisine is pesticide, herbicide free, with all nutrients intact, warmed to a temperature no higher than 118 degrees, sun ripened, nutritious and delicious. It is a harmonious diet with a minimum ecological footprint. 

Who Fits

We are looking for enthusiastic pioneers dedicated to their personal growth and desire to be of service to our the world. 

Your Responsibilities as part of the Apprenticeship Program

Your responsibility is to attend all classes; participate whole-heartedly in the daily schedule which includes: daily Shamanu practices, classes and workshops, learning in the gardens, kitchen and general care of the Centre, be in line with the program dharma, be on time and committed to be here and have a positive, caring attitude. That's IT!




"My time at The Living Centre has absolutely transformed my way of being. I hold an everlasting gratitude in my heart for this experience – for this healing land and deeply wise community. I recommend this opportunity to anyone who desires deeper self understanding. This experience has presented me with such an understanding of self-honesty."  ~M

My gratitude for Lorenna and Shantree and the vision of peace they hold is infinite."~Terra 

"Through the  Apprenticeship program I've learned how to live Truth. It has really inspired me on a number of levels. I'm realizing the importance of living by example, walking my talk. This has truly been a life altering experience. I'm coming away with a new fund confidence in my journey." ~Caitlin 

"I've learned so many valuable lessons. Lorenna and Shantree are so wise. Such honorable teachers. This has been a milestone along my path. For that, I am so thankful." ~Maya

"Taking this time to nurture and nourish myself in this crazy hectic world was the most loving thing I've ever done for myself. The Shamanu daily practices of movement, dance, breath work and meditation, combined with the Ayurvedic Living Nutrition, deepening my connection with nature and the Elements have all brought a serious transformation. It has rippled out to create a more loving relationship with my partner, opened me up to more creative work opportunities and most of all, the pain in my body is nearly non-existent. I feel like I have moved from the caterpillar in crisis to the beautiful butterfly I am today." ~Jerry

"The lessons that I've learned here have provided me so much insight into how to make the Sevenfold Path sustainable in my life. This is such a gift and opportunity." ~L

"Lorenna's and Shantree's support, brilliance, love and special care provided a profound healing environment. Their sacred land also nurtured my being through my apprenticeship. I completely and lovingly recommend this program for a deep reconnection with yourself while living in a wonderful community. "~Terri-Lee 

"I feel empowered to use my voice and hands to help serve in others areas of need." ~ Andrew 

"The Apprenticeship program has truly been a robust and juicy experience filled with joy and peace. Not only have I learned about organic forest gardening, Ayurvedic live-food Cuisine and sprouting, I have also learned about myself. Living the Sevenfold Path every day has been an opportunity to grow and each moment is a jewel that I am grateful for.  It was so wonderful that I am coming back next year." ~Katie   

"I've spent the last three years working with people in crisis until finally I found myself in physical, mental and emotional crisis myself. My physical body was consistently in pain, debilitating me from working and doing the things that gave me joy and purpose. I was emotionally distraught.   I found the Apprenticeship Program at The Living Centre. Intuitively I knew this was it. The approach through the Sevenfold Path to Peace was simple. While there, I learned through lectures and experiences how to create a deeper peace with the foundational areas of my life – my body, mind and emotions." ~ D

"Summarizing an experience like this is not an easy task, as each passing day brings me greater understanding of how my experience at the Living Centre has changed me. I'm so very thankful for a beautiful summer learning and working at the Centre. Living in such a conscious lifestyle I was able to grow and develop a healthier relationship with my spirituality, physical being and my mind. Lorenna and Shantree's marriage of knowledge and passion creates a very loving and safe space to explore and journey into your own self." ~J 

"Through the diversity of work at the Centre I was able to experience so many different aspects of myself. I spent time in the gardens, preparing food, in movement and mediation classes, participating in workshops and various ceremonies." ~H

"I cannot express in words the value of this type of education. It has given me a stronger connection to my environment, my community and myself. I see this as being an immensely important part of my evolution. It has inspired me, helped me to find direction and opened avenues to the ways in which I can contribute to the community and the environment around me." ~W

"Thank you for all that you have given me and for the beautiful work you are doing! You are an Inspiration to All!" Much Love and Gratitude" ~Tara Peters

"Lorenna and Shantree truly care for people and our planet. They're down to earth, kind, "real" people who are working towards an even more beautiful world for all to enjoy." ~K
"The combination of fresh air, sunlight, swimming in the pond, gardening, great food and amazing people made this summer a very memorable, live changing experience." ~S

"The Apprenticeship has been a most nourishing, interesting and transforming time for me! I was  immersed in a wholistic Lifestyle (Sevenfold Path), could experience the delicious and transforming Living-Foods Diet, the Shamanu practices and celebrations. There were also lots of opportunities for hands on learning in organic gardening and I could immensely benefit from Shantree's and Lorenna's great knowledge and expertise in the fields of Nutrition, Ayurveda, Herbal Healing, Deep Ecology and Living in harmony with nature. Also, just being on their beautiful, well cared for land had a very healing, strengthening and rejuvenating effect on me!" ~N

Registration Details

Register for the Sevenfold Path 


One Month - June 28  to July 27, 2018
Two Month - June 28 to Sept 2, 2018

Begins June 28, 4pm with registration & dinner


One Month: $3900 
Early-bird before May 1 - $3500 CAN

Two Month: 
Early bird before May 1 - $5,500

Youth tuition (ages 18 to 26): To support our youth we are offering a special discount of up to 50% off the regular price while scholarship funds are available. Please click here for the application. 

Community Supported Education Program (CSE Program) 
ALL Scholarship applicants and anyone interested in financial assistance with the apprenticeship program should consider creating their own Community Supported Education Program (CSE Program) Find more info and details here.

6 applicants will be accepted to these programs

Includes all trainings, course materials & books, all scheduled workshops and trainings, tenting accommodations (byo) and organic vegan live-food meals. Cabins are available at an extra cost of $450 a month plus tax.

Does not include HST tax & travel to and from The Living Centre

Work-Trade Opportunities: Partial work-trade is available. Please inquire at 519-652-9109

*** We are committed to supporting those who feel passionate about participating in this program. If funds are a challenge please call us at 519-652-9109 to discuss options.

To secure your spot send a $1000 deposit. Tuition balance due June 1, 2017

Payment can be made as an e-transfer, Certified Check or 'PayPal'. 
Please make check payable and send to:

The Living Centre
5871 Bells Rd., 
London, ON., Canada 
N6P 1P3