Eco-Spiritual Educational Sanctuary

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The Teacher's Path

The Living Centre's Teacher's Path offers a diversity of learning experiences designed to support the emergence of your full potential and unique talents. Thousands of people from around the world have enjoyed the satisfaction of sharing what they have learned with others.

The innovative programs empower participants to think and act beyond existing views and limits. Through holistic analysis and practical steps, each program gives the tools and understanding needed to create your own project, educate others, or integrate what you have learned into an already existing career.  

The Teacher's Path is the advanced educational process of The Living Centre. The world needs people like you out there, sharing with others regenerative skills and philosophies that support the shifts in consciousness needed to create a world of beauty, joy, love and peace.

The time is here when teacher's with regernerative skills will be recognized as the path finders to the future. 

The Living Centre's Seven Educational Pathways include: 

In love & gratitude,
Lorenna & Shantree Kacera