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Four-Season Permaculture Certification PDC

Overview Our Approach Course Options Why Permaculture Testimonials Registration Details Overview   April 15 to October 22, 2023  * Natural Building * Regenerative Food Forest * Herbalism Wild Foraging * Veganic Gardening * Nutrition  *Food Preservation * Renewable Technology * Inner & Social Permaculture * Wholistic Economics * Ecological Water Systems Learn about Permaculture throughout the four seasons, focusing on Temperate climates. This course is an internationally recognized, 72-hour training in the ethics, principles, methods and practices of Permaculture Design, plus 24 extra hands-on hours and 24 hours of group/independent work giving you 120 hours of quality education. The goal of Permaculture is to create harmony with the planet, oneself and each other. Permaculture designers use a set of principles and techniques to establish homesteads, landscapes and communities that are regenerative, resilient and self-sufficient.  Permaculture: Uses nature as our guide Is a design process Thinks wholistically Is solution based It is centred on cooperation and connection Permaculture gives us the skills, resources and techniques for widespread planet care and improvement. What is the Four-Season Permaculture (PDC) Discover ways to design thriving households and neighbourhoods to meet your needs and require minimum care. The four-seasons format allows you time to integrate … Read more