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Living the Experience: Herbalism, Wild Nutrition & Forest Gardening 7-Day Intensive

Living the Experience

Overview The Flow Registration Overview “Something new is happening, a new vision, a new energy, a new sacred story is coming into being in the transition from one era to another.” ~Thomas Berry July 5 – 12, 2020 This 7-Day experiential intensive informs and engages you in the energetic and nutritional elements of herbalism, wild nutrition and forest gardening, to expand your awareness of the plant world through ecologically sustainable practices. Cultivating a human relationship with the plant kingdom and their cycles, from the garden to plate, is ancient and essential if we are to fully understand how to participate in regenerative food systems that support both our personal health and the health of the Earth. This week-long intensive invites you to deepen into a truly human intimacy with the natural world. Discover the diverse relationships you have with plants through plant medicine, wild nutrition, forest gardening, earth stewardship, edible plant foraging, herbal skills, eco-spiritual connection and nature immersion. The goal of this program is to cultivate an authentic, dedicated, growing herbal community of passionate leaders who hold a vision of a future that is ecologically resilient, socially just, and spiritually fulfilling for all beings. Meet the plants where they live and discover … Read more

Introduction to Permaculture

Permaculture Foundations

Living the Future Today March 18-19, 2023 Permaculture offers visionary and practical solutions for personal, environmental and social change. Drawing on the best of ancient wisdom and new technologies coupled with observation of nature’s patterns, Permaculture teaches systems that enhance the quality of life without causing harm to the Planet. Based on the principles of ecology and sustainability, this design system can be used to create landscapes that mimic nature’s patterns and yield an abundance of food, fibre and energy for all our needs. Permaculture integrates the best of ancient knowledge, sustainable technologies and disciplines to help us design ecologically sound, efficient and productive ways to live in our households, gardens, communities and businesses. Permaculture can be used by anyone, anywhere. An invaluable tool for homeowners, farmers, urban and rural gardeners, educators, landscapers,  foresters, neighbourhood organizers and anyone interested in sustainable living.  No, it’s not a magic solution, nor is it a philosophy. It takes good hard work, imagination,  creativity – and a lot of fun. Permaculture invites you to join a life-enhancing revolution and be part of building the new. Topics include: Foundations of Permaculture The History of Permaculture Permaculture Principles & Design Science Principles & Ethics of Permaculture Mapping … Read more

Wild Plant Permaculture & Rewilding Practicum (PDC)

Overview Objective & Process Schedule Registration Overview Rewilding Design System – Understanding the Language of Nature June 18 – November 15, 2020 16  Week Evening Series plus Two Weekends Learn to transform degraded woodlands and thickets into healthy, biodiverse, productive native plant habitats through hands-on, ecologically sound techniques. This part-time program is equally suited for the professional and the layperson, for landowners and land stewards, activists, naturalists, outdoor enthusiasts and native plant lovers. We begin with the permaculture foundations and then dive in deeper to understand how wild plants embody permaculture and cooperate to enhance the environment for the benefit of all. You will experience hands-on projects and expand your understanding of forest garden design through explorations of ecological practices. The wild wisdom of nature will be your inspiration while we re-design our own rhythmic patterns and participate more powerfully in a regenerative transformation of the world. What’s Rewilding?  Rewilding is a process that nurtures resources, ecosystems, and communities back to health by reversing the devastating effects of industrial civilization. The modern person’s ability to intuit and discern the deep patterns and communications of the Earth have atrophied slowly over several thousand years of belief in human separation from and … Read more

Four-Season Permaculture Certification PDC

Overview Our Approach Course Options Why Permaculture Testimonials Registration Details Overview   April 15 to October 22, 2023  * Natural Building * Regenerative Food Forest * Herbalism Wild Foraging * Veganic Gardening * Nutrition  *Food Preservation * Renewable Technology * Inner & Social Permaculture * Wholistic Economics * Ecological Water Systems Learn about Permaculture throughout the four seasons, focusing on Temperate climates. This course is an internationally recognized, 72-hour training in the ethics, principles, methods and practices of Permaculture Design, plus 24 extra hands-on hours and 24 hours of group/independent work giving you 120 hours of quality education. The goal of Permaculture is to create harmony with the planet, oneself and each other. Permaculture designers use a set of principles and techniques to establish homesteads, landscapes and communities that are regenerative, resilient and self-sufficient.  Permaculture: Uses nature as our guide Is a design process Thinks wholistically Is solution based It is centred on cooperation and connection Permaculture gives us the skills, resources and techniques for widespread planet care and improvement. What is the Four-Season Permaculture (PDC) Discover ways to design thriving households and neighbourhoods to meet your needs and require minimum care. The four-seasons format allows you time to integrate … Read more

Spiritual Ecology, Rewilding & Permaculture

What is Spiritual Ecology in Action? Spiritual Ecology…is about sticking our hands in the soil – feeling into the roots of social and environmental issues – cultivating a deeper relationship with life that reflects the interconnectedness of all life. The Four Principles of Spiritual Ecology: Interconnectedness Reverence for Nature Stewardship Service How can these principles be rooted into our lives and what are the opportunities and challenges taking these principles into the environmental, social and spiritual movements? What is Rewilding and Permaculture? Rewilding is an ecological awareness idea that is gradually gaining momentum within environmental circles, and it bears significant comparison with some of permaculture’s guiding principles. Permaculture emphasizes the preservation of natural ecosystems and making efforts to repair ecosystems that have been damaged by human activity. Rewilding also proposes people taking a proactive approach to assisting natural ecosystems retain their former diversity and abundance – which have been curtailed by human encroachment on the land. Wilderness management as it is currently practiced seeks to somehow contain or suppress natural processes, or managing the environment for the benefit of a single species, rewinding proposes letting nature re-find its own balance – in many ways letting the land turn back to … Read more