Eco-Spiritual Educational Sanctuary
(est. 1983)

Shamanu: Soul of Wilderness

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TBA Imagine living in intimate relationship with Earth.  Tuned to Her rhythms and cycles you are able to connect with nature’s energy for constant renewal, creativity, and spiritual guidance. Experiencing the sacred unity of all living things you are fulfilled in the knowledge of who you are and your unique part within the web of life. This workshop is an invitation to merge your wild heart with the wonders of creation and come back home to the source of your highest wisdom – your Ecological Self. Turning to Nature as a mentor and guide, the Earth-centered philosophies and practices deepen your innate capacity to make contact with, learn from and be nourished by the spirits of the land. Deepening into the powers of Earth, Water, Sun/Fire, Air and Ether as fundamental forces of who you are re-awakens a great power, confidence and grounding reminder of what’s true and possible. To awaken from the harm that disconnection with Self and Nature has caused requires that we drop below the constraints of the mind and move into the wisdom of body/soul/nature.  Slowing down through multi-dimensional movement, dance, breath, sound and meditation processes softens the illusion of ‘a separate self’ opening new possibilities … Read more

The World Peace Diet: Creating a Culture of Peace – Online

Creating a Culture of Peace

“The revolution that is demanded by our yearning for peace, freedom, and happiness must provide a new foundation for our culture, moving it away from its herding values of oppression and disconnectedness toward the post-herding values of respect, kindness, equality, sensitivity, and connectedness. Above all, this revolution must change our relationship to our meals—our most practiced rituals—and to our food, our most powerful inner and outer symbol.”~ Dr. Will Tuttle, The World Peace Diet Do you feel called to help create a positive future for our children and the world? Are you concerned about our culture’s mistreatment of people, animals, and the Earth? Do you long to untangle and understand the hidden roots of the dilemmas we face as individuals and society? Do you aspire to develop skills to embody, share, and teach healthy and compassionate lifestyles that bring joy and purpose? Drawing on the wisdom in the World Peace Diet written by Dr. Will Tuttle, you will discover answers and effective responses to these questions. Shantree will share the tools and insights needed to understand veganism as a spiritual, cultural, physical and transformational path of awakening. A path that supports your health and the health of our planet. Learn … Read more

Spiritual Nutrition: The Path to Peace

Spiritual Nutrition

Can the Ayurvedic Living Foods Lifestyle lift us from the prison of self-preoccupation and isolation, healing the mentality of domination, the rape of the feminine aspect and the practice of exclusivism? Can it support the growth of intuitive wisdom, cultivate compassion and be the seed for our spiritual ripening? The answer is YES! Find out how and why, as we speak to the deep spiritual hunger at the core of the nutritional dilemma and global crisis. Enlightening insights into the Food-Body-Mind-Emotion-Spirit-Nature connection offers a truly holistic platform for our exploration. Practicing the art of living cuisine becomes an opportunity for creative expression and a potent portal to the sacred. Reductionism & the Secret Shadow vs the Golden Rule Sattvic Diet, Spiritual Fasting & the Human Spirit The nutritional power of Relaxation, Awareness & Rhythm The Interconnected Web of Life Cultivating Felt Awareness Sacredness & the Feminine Principle The Intuitive Imperative Energetics, Evolution & Spiritual Anatomy “Peace is not something that happens by accident. Peace is like silence; it is always there. The lack of harmony in our lives is like noise superimposed on the silence. The issue is not how to create peace, but how to live in a way … Read more

Autumn Equinox Celebration & International Peace Day

Autumn Equinox

  This particular day also known as Mabon, is a time to honour and give thanks for the great harvest and abundance. It all began as a seed in spring and was nurtured by the sun’s generosity during summer. It has now reached fulfillment in our crops, adventures, relationship and spiritual growth. Autumn Equinox is also a time to pay tribute to the coming darkness as the days get shorter. We will energetically connect with over 200 countries and 80 million people celebrating the International Day of Peace. A Ceremony of Sacred Reciprocity In ceremonial space, we offer our gratitude to the tremendous forces that give us Life, inspire, nourish, and heal us from season to season – Air, Fire, Water, Earth & Ether. Coming together in a community to collectively focus on the high frequency of Peace and the return of balance and harmony for all Beings, we create a powerful energy that animates our lives and ripples out to all creation. We welcome you to join us in a circle to celebrate the turning of the seasons and the opportunity to align our hearts and minds with Earth’s great cycles. The Evening Includes: Welcome The Dance of the … Read more

Summer Solstice Celebration: A Sacred Elemental Journey

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Our Sacred Theatre troupe invites you to join us on a magical journey around the 25-acre activation trail. Visit five special alters and enter the enchanted realm of the Elements – Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Ether. Be greeted by the Spirit of each Element as they dance, sing, and share their magic and fun. Receive a special treat, pause to activate your intentions and dreams, and give thanks for the abundance of Life. You will be guided from alter to alter by the Forest Fairies. Expect to be captivated by the wonders of Nature, ushered into the Sacred Reciprocity garden, then back to the Ether spiral garden by the pond. Children are most welcome.  The Sacred Elemental Journey will be followed by a Bonfire, Dancing, Drumming, Camaraderie and Desserts. Schedule: We begin in the herb garden, greeting each other, honouring the 5 Directions, and experiencing a Sacred Theatre offering.  Write your Intentions to be powered by each Element & this apex time of Fire/Sun energy. Small groups will be guided to each altar in a walking meditation, enjoying landscape, birdsongs & the unexpected other-than-human that may cross your path. Each station will greet and guide you into a heartful … Read more

The Sevenfold Path to Peace Apprenticeship Program

Overview Testimonials Registration Details Overview 23-Day Residential Apprenticeship Program July 2 to 23, 2023 Experience one of the most comprehensive eco-spiritual vegan permaculture lifestyles in  Canada.  Each year we welcome six enthusiastic individuals to this program. In a social and ecological crisis, what can we as individuals do to improve the world?  This apprenticeship offers grounded skills, knowledge, and perspectives that open the way to a more regenerative future for yourself and the Earth. This hands-on experience unlocks skills and potential, passions and insights to unleash the hero within, and with that, a forest of possibilities to enrich your life and the life of our home planet. A Sevenfold Path Peace-Walker is a potent catalyst for change and has a deep desire to be part of the global transition we are in the midst of. The world needs people who choose to embrace the invitation to be emissaries of conscious evolution. Pioneering souls who can ‘live the solution’ in all areas of their lives. Supported by a progressive educational model and a group of kindred spirits who are committed to living life on the same level as you are, we combine skills in Permaculture, organic forest gardening and natural building, … Read more

Grandmother Wisdom: Conversations for a New Era

Grandmother Wisdom Quote

with Sandy Masse, Lorenna Bousquet-Kacera & Guests The stories we tell ourselves shape our lives and the world. We have been told since birth what it means to be a woman, how to act, think, feel, even dress. Yet most of these stories and beliefs have little to do with a woman’s true nature and spirit. The Grandmother circles are an opportunity for women, young and old, to come together, ask questions, bring concerns and hear what the grandmothers have discovered after a ‘long-er than most’ journey.    With the advent of a patriarchal system over 10,000 years ago, woman’s status as keepers of the knowledge and equal voices in the community diminished. This is slowly changing, but we aren’t there yet. Grandmother Wisdom has always been an essential and respected part of all ancient and thriving cultures. Living examples of enduring discernment and courage, especially during these times of increased uncertainty are needed to encourage and support each other through the hard and often empty times that we live in. The esteem of parents and friends can only go so far: elders must bring the rest. These evening conversations support women in creating new stories that give birth to … Read more