The Art of Natural Building with focus on Cordwood & Cob Construction


Natural Building is an approach that uses minimally processed natural materials to build durable buildings that are healthy and have a nurturing feel for those lucky enough to live in them. Rather than making conventional construction techniques incrementally less damaging to the environment, natural buildings start with questions about using minimum impact to create a beautiful and long-lived structure. They are often designed to be built by their owners, their families, and their friends. This workshop integrates hands-on practical learning with combined learning sessions laying the foundations for success with your future natural building projects. As well as learning with your mind, you will be learning with your body as you mix cob through dancing and build a ‘Sanctuary/Teaching space.’ By the end of this workshop, you will be completely comfortable working with cob and cordwood and well on your way to making your mixes with cob from easily sourced materials – often from the site you’re working on. What is Cob? Cob is an ancient building technique used in many parts of the world at various times in history and pre-history. An essential mix of clay, sand, and straw are combined, then applied in courses onto walls to build … Read more

Four-Season Permaculture: If You Can Dream It, You Can Create It

Overview Our Approach Course Options Why Permaculture Registration Details Testimonials Overview   April 15 to October 22, 2023  Are you seeking the tools and confidence to do something about what’s happening in the world? If so, we are here to support you. Imagine a life where you are entirely lit up by your desire to be in service to creating a more beautiful world. You feel confident in how you will contribute and secure your skills and knowledge to create and share your dreams with others.  Why We Do What We Do We believe that if everyone knew even a little about how Permaculture works, the degree of global change would be incredible.  If you can’t already tell, we are passionate about Permaculture. Nature Works! and has proven that for millennia. Drawing on the principles of nature, Permaculture takes us through a step-by-step process to create the future Now! A 7-Month Dive Awaken your connection with the Earth and learn the practical skills required for humans to stay here on planet Earth. This is a 7-month dive into how to change your life and the world. All you need is guidance from those who have walked this path before. You … Read more