Eco-Spiritual Educational Sanctuary
(est. 1983)

Costa Rica – Conscious Relationship Journey

Enlivening the Sacred Fires of Love & Connection We live in a time of significant global change where the mythology of intimate relationships is challenged and reassembled into something more delicious than ever. Women and men passionate about reclaiming the joy of soulful, genuine love find that they can no longer rely on old roles and beliefs. Intimate relationships call for a new kind of honesty and awareness – a new story – and the willingness to cultivate capacities to connect with another in ways that meet the heart’s needs and the ‘soul’ of your relationship. The Conscious Relationship journeys are private sessions customized to meet your relationship’s needs. The invitation is to explore relationships as a spiritual path. The vibrant sensuality of nature and the pure spirit of the ocean, rainforest and waterfalls are your restorative allies. A perfect place to dive into new levels of Love and Connection with your beloved. About Lorenna & Shantree For 25 years, we have lived and worked together 24-7, caring for the many people, activities and the land at The Living Centre (est in 1983) in London, Ontario, Canada. The ten winters living in Costa Rica have nourished and shaped our relationship … Read more

The Five Sacred Elements Movement Journey, 7-week Online series

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We are Earth People,  made of the same powers that fashioned majestic mountains, oceans, Redwood forests and tornados – Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Ether. Each Element is an infinite source of Life-force energy containing the highest spiritual frequency available to humans.  Our modern industrial culture has created a story of disconnection from the source of our greatest vitality and wisdom – the Elements. This narrative of separation affects our health, our thinking, our success and now our very survival. The result is an inner split reflected in the deteriorating wellness of our bodies, relationships, culture and nature. This series offers transformational processes that connect people back to themselves through nature-based wisdom. Earth-centred movement, breath, sound work and meditation take us into a stillness of mind that allows the subtler voices of wisdom, presence, care, connection and attunement to life’s unfolding genius to be reclaimed Remembering that which we’ve lost restores a natural peace and resilience that expands our capacity for creating amazing lives of meaning and purpose. Deepening into the Five Sacred Elements’ primordial powers as fundamental forces of who you are cultivates a life full of natural vitality and the joy of feeling fully alive. Beyond our preconceived … Read more

Shamanu: Journey into Sacred Silence

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Entering the space of sacred silence is essential for the balance and regeneration of your spirit. It’s where you remember and connect to the vast wisdom and primal knowing of who you are. Where you come home to yourself to recharge, balance and ‘Dream’. In this space the Sacred whispers, and you listen. Through the nourishing dance of silence, we allow the fluidity of movement, breath and sound to gently guide us into the home of dreams, visions and regeneration. Gentle somatic processes integrate, cleanse, and make space for the new.  Active breath and earth-centred meditation revitalize the energy centers, attuning the body, mind and spirit. Perceiving our bodies as living expressions of Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Ether, we journey into their great wisdom teachings within and around us. Surrendering to the heart’s primacy and its power of receptivity, we access the realms of intuition, feelings, and felt awareness where we can hear Earth’s voice as She calls us into what is new for self and planet. This journey is an invitation to enter the sweet darkness of Autumn and return to the womb of inner silence for rejuvenation and visioning of the ‘yet to be’. The Journey Includes … Read more