Eco-Spiritual Educational Sanctuary
(est. 1983)

Online: Embracing Gaian Consciousness – A Primordial Movement series

These are confusing times. Yet, amidst the sadness, fear, anger and despair, there is also a glimmer of ‘something new.’ When a crisis as all-encompassing and global as the pandemic, and let’s not forget climate change, sweeps the world, it opens a crack in the matrix of ‘the norm’ for new possibilities to emerge. Many of us are given a gift to pause and re-evaluate our lives, values and vocations. Will we use it well and take the courageous step to live differently and listen to your interconnected heart’s calling? No more compromising the soul’s desire for a status quo that destroys life on our beautiful planet. It is the time to give yourself to what you know is true and identify ‘where your greatest joy meets the world’s greatest need.” Where do we turn for guidance? Who is the teacher now? Primordial Journeys invites you to reawaken your innate oneness with Gaian consciousness. To reclaim the tremendous spiritual wisdom that carries you into the depths of the Earthly sensuous. Through movement, breath-sound and meditations that immerses you into a felt body experience and vital intimacy with the living Earth, you leave the impoverished state of isolation behind and discover … Read more

Online: Primordial Journey: Earth-centered Movement Series – Level I, Beginners

About Primordial Journeys Indigenous cultures know that ‘to live is to move!’ Dance, music and inner journeys are the oldest medicine and spiritual practice on Earth. To awaken from the harm that disconnection with Self and Earth has caused, both personally and globally, requires that we drop below the constraints of the mind and move into the wisdom of body/soul. Movement, dance, breath and meditation open you to the fluid forces of creation, shattering the borders between body, heart, mind, spirit and nature. Earth-centered Movement The classes are an invitation to journey into the mysteries of your body as a teacher-healer-messenger. Coupled with sound vibration, breath and stillness this deeply nourishing practice restores vitality & an extraordinary sense of well-being. A variety of movement explorations including wave motion, micro-movements, sounds, and breath enliven our organism back to its natural state of fluidity, vitality and harmony. The processes explore the idea that we are biological living systems with the capacity to self-stabilize, regenerate and evolve. We are naturally resilient, intelligent, and interconnected in all ways with our biosphere! Reconnecting with the intrinsic wave-like movement of Life turns the practice into a sensuous communion with Lifes restorative energies. Experience the unashamed joy … Read more

Primordial Movement: Ancient Healing Practices That Are Simple & Work 7-week series

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Life experiments with ways to maximize what it creates for survival and longevity. It not only keeps the elements, plants, minerals and wildlife that enhance Life’s overall vitality and resilience, it also keeps the primal movements that support relaxation, fluidity, openness and pleasure. Over the years, I have had the great joy of sitting for hours watching the movements of nature and human nature. I watched water turn into a mucky pool for bugs and critters, and air become stale when not allowed to move naturally. The same is true for us. When there is a restriction in one’s movement, body systems slow down, and the natural energies given to us so freely from the Universe and the Earth are restricted by the blockage. Fascinated by body movement, I was taught the secrets of how to increase energy through the primordial, meaning original, movements of nature. Nothing in nature is linear. It flows, spirals and undulates in patterns that weave living systems together. As our bodies are expressions of the Elements, the same movement principles that govern nature govern our bodies.  In this series, I guide you through simple and effective processes that enhance physical, mental, emotional and spiritual flow … Read more