Shamanu: Soul of Wilderness

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TBA Imagine living in intimate relationship with Earth.  Tuned to Her rhythms and cycles you are able to connect with nature’s energy for constant renewal, creativity, and spiritual guidance. Experiencing the sacred unity of all living things you are fulfilled in the knowledge of who you are and your unique part within the web of life. This workshop is an invitation to merge your wild heart with the wonders of creation and come back home to the source of your highest wisdom – your Ecological Self. Turning to Nature as a mentor and guide, the Earth-centered philosophies and practices deepen your innate capacity to make contact with, learn from and be nourished by the spirits of the land. Deepening into the powers of Earth, Water, Sun/Fire, Air and Ether as fundamental forces of who you are re-awakens a great power, confidence and grounding reminder of what’s true and possible. To awaken from the harm that disconnection with Self and Nature has caused requires that we drop below the constraints of the mind and move into the wisdom of body/soul/nature.  Slowing down through multi-dimensional movement, dance, breath, sound and meditation processes softens the illusion of ‘a separate self’ opening new possibilities … Read more

Shamanu Mentorship: The Wild Wisdom of Wonder


Mentorship Pathway The Process Testimonials Dates & Registration Mentorship Pathway     June 23 to October 1, 2023  Children instinctively love creation and, when allowed, develop wise respect and a fearless relationship with a wondrous world.  Experiencing the world as alive, interconnected and sacred, home is underfoot, in the nearest tree, the wind, the smell of fresh rain, the mystery of a pond, the sound of thunder and sunshine.  A  sense of ‘place’ and belonging is experienced, and curiosity, humility and the natural instinct of ‘care’ for creation emerges.   With the rise of industrialization and materialist science, we live in a time denoted by writers, philosophers and artists as ‘the age of disenchantment.’ Deepening into the mysteries of creation and the sacred wild wisdom of wonder reawakens a primal, life-giving and life-saving essence of what it means to be a human living in relation with billions of other-than-human beings. This mentorship is for those who want to revive the joy, fulfillment and power of wonder essential for regenerating health, vitality, and a deep knowing of our interconnection with the larger order we are a part of.  Wonder calls us home into our essence so we can meet the challenges of a … Read more