Autumn Equinox Celebration & International Peace Day

Autumn Equinox

On this particular day, also known as Mabon, people have come together since time immemorial to honour the bounty of the harvest, bid farewell to the summer days and prepare themselves for the long nights of the coming season. In the Spring, physical and energetic seeds were planted, and through the generosity of the sun’s gaze, we experienced the blossoms and fruits of our creativity. Now, all has been fulfilled: our crops, adventures, relationships, endeavours and spiritual growth.  Autumn Equinox is a day of equal light and dark, inviting us to gather around the hearth of balance and equanimity, to honour what has been given, taken, lost, disappointed and realized, to reflect upon and celebrate the ongoing gift of the terribly beautiful of these times we are in. We choose to gather on the 21st of September, though the cosmological equinox may fall before or after this day each year, to energetically connect with over 200 countries and 80 million people celebrating the ‘International Day of Peace’, also known as ‘Peace the 21st’.. A Ceremony of Sacred Reciprocity In ceremonial space, we offer our gratitude to the tremendous forces that give us Life, inspire, nourish, and heal us from season … Read more

Spring Equinox Celebration – Portals to Spring

Spring Equinox

Spring calls us to shake off winter’s heaviness and prepare for the fertility of this new season. Tuesday, March 21, 2023, 7 pm to 10 pm Celebrate this magical time of year! In Spring, the Earth is alive and ripe with possibilities – and so are we.  The Spring Equinox happens when the day and the night are at equal length – a time of perfect balance. As the Earth tips over to more light, it is a sublime reminder that light always returns to Earth. The Equinox represents new light and life, new beginnings, seeds and the power of emergence.  The celebration offers a sacred space to ponder and give thanks for the dream-time and inward journeying of winter and vision of what it is that you wish to seed for the coming season. Setting your intentions, you join the creative process and the shaping of your tomorrow. Protection, Fertility, Wisdom, Strength, Gratitude and Joy are the essences we call upon to breath new life into what is yearning to burst forth in oneself and the Earth. The celebration is an opportunity to send energy to our Earth Community, wherever there is war and unrest, hunger, pain and injustice, … Read more

Winter Solstice Celebration

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The Return of the Light Sweet Darkness, in your quiet wisdom, you have offered us the soft space for rejuvenation – and – YES – Dreaming the New! We thank you for the time of inward journeying. Oh, Darkness, you have served Life well – and now – your time is done. The good work of regeneration is complete for yet another season. For now, the Light returns. We welcome you to join us in this special time of year – the darkest day and the season’s turning. As we attune to Earth’s rhythms, we, too, are being called to turn from the old and bring ourselves forward to receive what the winter season holds for us. Aligning with the heightened energy available to us all during this special Winter Solstice time of year, there is an opportunity to create a wave of transformational energy that can transform our personal life and our world. Join us and millions worldwide who will share in prayer and song, dance and chanting, meditation and ritual as we celebrate the return of the Light. Gather together in the community spirit with a shared vision of the Winter Solstice creates – Magic! The Celebration includes: … Read more