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Shamanu Earth Wisdom – Visioning Journey – On Line

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Winter is the time of year to vision, to dream in the more beautiful life you wish to create for yourself, your family, community and the Earth, and plant those seeds of intention in the fertile earth of consciousness. Every person has the innate capacity to create their future. This weekend supports you on how to do that. Journey into the mysteries of your body as teacher, healer and dream-catcher. Intuitively centred movement, dance, sound, breathwork, and meditation journeys prepare you to receive the inner guidance of Spirit and open to new possibilities. During this weekend: Receive guiding questions that support you to discover your soul’s longing, understand what blocks fulfillment and how to overcome these obstacles Journey through Earth-centred Ceremonies and Meditations to connect you with your soul’s purpose  and the true source of power, creativity and joy  Call on the Spirit of the Wind, the Spirit of the Land, the cleansing Spirit of Water and the transformational Spirit of Fire to guide you in your journey The Shamanu Earth Wisdom somatic processes reconnect you to the sweet eros of your body/heart longing awakening repressed vitality and creativity. The movement, sound and breath processes are slow, fluid and deeply … Read more

Kundalini Awakening – Activating Sexual Lifeforce Energies

July 15 & 16, 2023 Sexual energy is the most powerful generator of life-force available to humans. When moving freely through body, heart and mind, this river of vitality allows the capacity for self-healing and regeneration. It reconnects us to unrealized dreams, hidden potential and the great pleasures of Life, in and out of the bedroom. Life-force, also known as Kundalini, ignites spiritual self-mastery. Reconnecting with this energy is the only way we directly feel the original energy from which each of us is born. It is the fuel that sparks creativity, passion, love and Life itself.   This playshop offers a safe and explorative space to deepen your understanding of this energy and unearth the stories that have held this power captive. Learning to access, sustain and direct Kundalini energies mindfully opens the way to falling in love and into union with oneself and the world. It is the seed energy for all creativity, including how you create your life.  So how do you reclaim sovereignty over this juicy energy in everyday life?   You do it through your body, nature connection and the support of your sisters — the way women have always done. Whether in an intimate relationship or not, sexual/sensual … Read more

Autumn Equinox Celebration & International Peace Day

Autumn Equinox

  This particular day also known as Mabon, is a time to honour and give thanks for the great harvest and abundance. It all began as a seed in spring and was nurtured by the sun’s generosity during summer. It has now reached fulfillment in our crops, adventures, relationship and spiritual growth. Autumn Equinox is also a time to pay tribute to the coming darkness as the days get shorter. We will energetically connect with over 200 countries and 80 million people celebrating the International Day of Peace. A Ceremony of Sacred Reciprocity In ceremonial space, we offer our gratitude to the tremendous forces that give us Life, inspire, nourish, and heal us from season to season – Air, Fire, Water, Earth & Ether. Coming together in a community to collectively focus on the high frequency of Peace and the return of balance and harmony for all Beings, we create a powerful energy that animates our lives and ripples out to all creation. We welcome you to join us in a circle to celebrate the turning of the seasons and the opportunity to align our hearts and minds with Earth’s great cycles. The Evening Includes: Welcome The Dance of the … Read more

Bliss – Living the Life You Were Born To

 Every child knows that they are special, with unique gifts to offer the world. Dreams and imagination run wild in their untamed hearts as they prepare for a life of creativity, joy and fulfillment. So what happens along the way that so many lose their inner trust and passion? Why have we made spirited ecstasy – something that is so essential to the healthy development of our lives, relationships, and ecology –  an endangered experience– and how do we reclaim this birthright? Bliss – that illusive experience that everyone is seeking yet so few people are experiencing on a regular basis – if at all. We may feel content in our lives, but it seems that feeling fully alive, creative and enthusiastic, often has to be put on the back burner, saved for weekends or that special trip. The weekend comes and goes, the trip comes and goes, the ‘thing’ you bought that you were so excited about just becomes another ‘thing’, and we all silently agree that this is just the way life is. So we work diligently on a spiritual practice hoping it will help us love whatever is happening in our lives. Certainly this is a good … Read more