WomanEarth Mentorship: Living Your ‘Yes’

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Earth-centred Empowerment Strategies for Absolutely Loving Your Life July 22 to October 8, 2023 A woman in her power is an amazing being. Embodying the elegant wild wisdom of Nature, she is naturally intuitive, intelligent, and compassionate. Confident in her choices, the connected woman stands for justice and the sacredness of all Life. With Gaian wisdom awake in her bones, she listens to her body’s messages and walks in solidarity with the Earth. True to herself and others, she knows when to draw the line and when to open her great heart. Liberated by trust in her inner ‘Yes’ – and ‘No’ – she is the great nurturer and vision-keeper for future generations.    Where does one find these wild beauties? Everywhere! Her light lives in all women like a fire that refuses to go out, despite the repression, indoctrination and injustice she has experienced over the centuries. Feminine power has waited patiently for her time to return. That time is now! This Mentorship is for women who want to feel lit up and excited again about getting out of bed in the morning. Who feel an underlying pressure – a ‘Call’-  to something new, more meaningful and fulfilling. Who wants … Read more

Grandmother Wisdom: Conversations for a New Era

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with Sandy Masse, Lorenna Bousquet-Kacera & Guests The stories we tell ourselves shape our lives and the world. We have been told since birth what it means to be a woman, how to act, think, feel, even dress. Yet most of these stories and beliefs have little to do with a woman’s true nature and spirit. The Grandmother circles are an opportunity for women, young and old, to come together, ask questions, bring concerns and hear what the grandmothers have discovered after a ‘long-er than most’ journey.    With the advent of a patriarchal system over 10,000 years ago, woman’s status as keepers of the knowledge and equal voices in the community diminished. This is slowly changing, but we aren’t there yet. Grandmother Wisdom has always been an essential and respected part of all ancient and thriving cultures. Living examples of enduring discernment and courage, especially during these times of increased uncertainty are needed to encourage and support each other through the hard and often empty times that we live in. The esteem of parents and friends can only go so far: elders must bring the rest. These evening conversations support women in creating new stories that give birth to … Read more