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Academy For Peace Costa Rica

Academy For Peace Costa Rica, teaches the skills of "feeling peace" and "speaking peace" to classroom teachers. When trained teachers model these skills and pass them on to their students, an extraordinary change occurs in the classroom. Anxiety, conflict, and violence are replaced by an environment which actively supports the learning process. To read more about this inspiring work, visit the Peace Army web site for the complete story. Learn more

Joanna Macy, The Work That Reconnects - 

'The most remarkable feature of this historical moment on Earth is not that we are on the way to destroying the world — we've actually been on the way for quite a while. It is that we are beginning to wake up, as from a millennia-long sleep, to a whole new relationship to our world, to ourselves and each other.'Learn more

Art of Union

Welcome to the Art of Union Manifesto (AUM), a universal movement in cooperation with the intention of helping all sentient beings come to perfect union in this life time. We are called to share a new paradigm of conscious living, healing and loving service for the co-creation of Heaven on Mother Earth (HOME). We offer evolutionary retreats, workshops, internships and an opportunity to share in the creation of an expanding community in Costa Rica. Learn more 

Carolinian Canada Coalition                                                                                             

Carolinian Canada is a non-profit coalition of over 40 government and non-government conservation groups and many individuals working to conserve the ecological diversity of Canada's most threatened natural region. Members include Conservation Authorities, Federation of Ontario Naturalists, Ontario Stewardship, federal and provincial departments and ministries, Canadian Botanical Association,Ontario Federation of Agriculture, and other groups. Learn more  


Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training in Ontario (CRAFT Ontario). CRAFT Ontario is your gateway to a farming internship experience that will change your life. Maybe your dream is to have your own organic farm one day. Or maybe you want to learn some food-growing and hands-on skills that can be applied in other careers and lifestyles. Whatever your long term goals are, a farming internship is a powerful experience that will equip you with the tools and insights to make a real difference in the world. You'll never be the same again! Many former CRAFT interns go on to have their own organic and ecological farms. Others pursue careers and lifestyles that promote sustainability and ecological renewal in other ways. We are proud to say that we are part of this wonderful regional training experience. Learn more>

Green Drinks London

London, Ontario Green Drinks Green Drinks London provides a dynamic social environment where people from business, non-profit, community and government come together and connect over the common goal of sustainability. Our gatherings are a unique blend of socializing, networking and learning. Each month we host a different speaker who explores relevant local issues and delivers practical ideas for making greener lifestyle choices. We invite you to come out to meet new friends, develop ideas, form business partnerships, and perhaps have a few moments of serendipity. WHEN: We meet the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 7pm onwards. WHERE: Poacher's Arms - 171 Queens Ave (corner of Richmond & Queens) CONTACT US at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you'd like to be added to our e-list. Tiffany Roschkow ( & Trae Robinson ( Learn more> 


Hemlock House Lodge

Provides a vacation experience unlike any other. Combining the comforts of a traditional bed and breakfast with the excitement and natural splendor of a wilderness kayaking expedition in coastal British Columbia, Canada. Experience life at nature's pace. Learn more

Natural Health Yellow Pages

The premier web directory for the natural health industry. Learn more

John Seed Rainforest Activist Website

A pioneer in establishing and spreading the concepts of deep ecology, John Seed coauthored (with Joanna Macy, Pat Fleming, and Arne Naess) Thinking Like a Mountain: Towards a Council of All Beings (New Society). This environmental classic has now been translated into ten languages. In 1979, he founded the Rainforest Information Centre in Australia. In 1984 he helped initiate the U.S. Rainforest Action Network and founded the World Rainforest Report. He was awarded the Order of Australia Medal in 1985 by the Australian government for his contributions to the environment. Learn more

Tree of Life Mystery School, Joseph Mark-Cohen

The Tree of Life Mystery School Shamanic Kabbalah Retreat offers you a unique, one year, in-depth study program in the practical application of the mystical kabbalah. Joseph-Mark Cohen is an internationally respected kabbalistic astrologer and sound healer who has been guiding retreats and seminars in Shamanic Kabbalah since 1975. Learn more>

Truly Organic Foods

We are an online store specializing in high vibrational certified organic and wild crafted foods. With a focus on raw vegan, we also offer recipe ideas for inspiration and a wonderful facebook community for support and encouragement. Learn more> 

London Area Organic Growers

London Area Organic Growers is a group of unique and committed individuals practicing a  sustaining way of growing food. Purchasing  is good because it is fresher and requires less transportation to reach you. Transportation of food often involves boats, planes, trains, and trucks. Each of these modes contributes costs and carbon emissions. Some costs are internalized (paid for by the seller and usually passed on to you as the consumer) such as fuel, road taxes, and international tariffs (taxes on merchandise crossing borders). Other costs are externalized. Air and noise pollution, traffic and road wear, and the social impact of "outsourcing" the labor to farm and harvest food are examples of costs which may be externalized when food is transported great distances. Since no individual pays these costs they are borne by humanity as a whole. Eating local food, when possible, reduces this problem. Learn more> 

Mandala Book Shop

Since 1973, Mandala Book Shop has existed as one of those tiny islands of quiet in an world that relentlessly moves towards faster and faster. In a world that moves quickly, we move slower. Please come in and take a breath. Come in and leaf through books on your own or benefit from the help of our knowledgeable staff. Whether you are looking for that hard to find resource or selecting that perfect incense to complement your home meditation space, we are ready to give assistance. More than just a book shop Mandala also provides a unique atmosphere for our customers to network within the community through the Community Bulletin Board and this Web Site. Learn more  

Ontario Herbalists Association

For over 20 years, the Ontario Herbalists Association has promoted safe and natural healing with plant medicines. Whether your focus is medicinal, practical, culinary or horticultural, the OHA provides a number of opportunities in which to enjoy and support the world of herb. Our primary goals are to promote public awareness and education on herbs and herbalism and to establish standards of education and practice for professional herbalists. Learn more> 

Optimal Breathing 

Optimal Breathing® For living life and loving it Breathing Development Research, Education, Services & Programs for Superior Health, Peak Performance, Self Expression & Life Extension. Mike White, LMBT, NE. "The Breathing Coach". Breathing Development Specialist Learn more

Orange Consulting

Derek Martin is Orange Consulting. He created our original website for us. He can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please use the subject "Web Design Quote". Learn more 

Organic Facts

What is Organic Food? Organic food refers to food items that are produced, processed and packaged without using chemicals. Organic food is increasingly becoming popular due to its perceived health benefits over conventional food. The industry is growing rapidly since the past five years and has caught the attention of farmers, manufacturers and, above all, consumers. The global organic food market was about USD 36.7 billion in 2006 according to Datamonitor. Over 30 percent of the global organic demand stems from the US, which has a market of about USD 13.6 billion, according to Nutrition Business Journal. Learn more 

Peace Every Day Initiative

Making the Commitment of Peace ~ In order that we may usher in the reign of peace, the Peace Every Day Initiative asks that each person who feels deeply connected to the process of peace on earth to make a commitment for a minimum of four years to be peace for 40 minutes or more each day, 5-7 days per week, by meditating or praying at sunrise or sunset. A meditation/prayer of 40 minutes (or longer) has been selected to honor the sacred number of 40, a number of purification. This amount of time will support each participant in experiencing a quiet mind and becoming and sustaining the vibration of peace. We create this collective vortex of peace at the time of sunrise or sunset, the two nodal times of the day in which it is easiest to go into meditation and the vibrations of peace are most effectively transmitted into the global brain. About the Initiative World Peaceâ€"the healing of the worldâ€"is achieved through a very simple principle: We Create Peace By Being Peace. It is this universal truth that has inspired the Peace Every Day Initiative, a global, collective, daily, meditation of peace. The purpose is to unite a minimum of 8,000 people, while holding the vision of 144,000 or more people, to meditate/pray by becoming the vibration of peace for 40 minutes or more each day at sunrise or sunset. This powerful thought-form of peace is enough to shift the global consciousness so that we may fully celebrate peace on earth! Learn more

 Planet Friendly Calendar & Goodwork Canada

Canada's Environmental event calendar since 1998. In partnership with RCENGoodWork and others. To learn more

Welcome to GoodWork, Canada's green & environmental job site! Since 2001, we've been connecting motivated, green-minded Canadians to sustainable job opportunities. Learn more

London Seekers

Gathering of like minded people who are ON a Spiritual path. Every Sunday Evening at 7:00 p.m. Church of St. Jude 1537 Adelaide St and Fanshawe Road. London ON. Many people are looking for opportunities to deepen their understanding of themselves and the Universe. Seekers provides the opportunity to connect with people who are interested in Spiritual growth. Other religions or Spiritual observances may be enriched by this Spiritual understanding. Seekers does not intend to be a religion, rather a place for Spiritually minded people to connect. Ours is not a better way; ours is another way. Learn more>

Salt Spring Seeds

All our seeds are untreated, open-pollinated and non-GMO. We grow all our own seeds and sell only our most recent harvest. As is true again this year, we write the printed and online catalogues in December after we've cleaned and evaluated all our seed crops from the year before. Learn more  

The Rising Sun Health Spa

The Rising Sun Health Spa is a Sanctuary for Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit. We are an oasis right in the Heart of Richmond Hill. Our 1800 ft space offers crystal jewelry, health products, books, music, Reiki Tea, and unique gifts. We are proud to offer a line of Ascension Foods, and Alive water, to support you on your journey. Our spa experience is detoxifying, rejuvenating and revitalizing, an hour of pure joy. Come visit us at 10330 Yonge Street, or call 905-884-3362 Learn more

Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center     

The center is known world wide for its foundation in spirituality and living foods, and as a leading fasting and detoxification center, offering a diversity of spa vacations, spiritual retreats and health education programs. Founded in 1993 by Rebbe Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M,D., (H), Diplomate of the American Board of Holistic Medicine , The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center is an oasis for awakening, inspiration and rejuvenation on he physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  Learn more


Upaya Naturals - specializing in organic, raw, vegan food and a wide range of organic, wild raw foods, supplements, dehydrators, juicers, blenders. Learn more

Wildcraft Permaculture

Wild Craft Permaculture empowers people to regenerate the Earth while leading more fulfilling connected lives. We want you to have the confidence and self-assurance to maintain and evolve designs over time, and to continue your permaculture education after we’ve let go of your hand. Wild Craft has been instrumental in strengthening the permaculture community in London because we believe that the bigger the support network, the faster we can affect broad positive change in the world. Learn more

Womens Health Academy

Nancy Desjardins is a nutritionist specializing in the development of wellness programs tailored to suit personal health concerns. Her individualized approach focuses on detoxifying, rejuvenating, and revitalizing the body. A Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner, Nancy trained at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Learn more 

WWOOF Canada

Welcome to the WWOOF program in Canada. Willing Workers On Organic Farms and World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. Vacationing in Canada and volunteering on Organic Farms is a great way to broaden your education and practical experience. It also serves as a great way to inexpensively travel. Over 500 farm hosts - a great variety of choices - will introduce you to the many interesting aspects of Canadian farms and gardens. WWOOFing is a cultural exchange and a helping exchange. Learn more