Eco-Spiritual Educational Sanctuary

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Shamanu: Earth Wisdom Teachings

The Art of Living Completely Connected

The old paradigm of conquering nature and each other, of social injustice and spiritual starvation is over. 
What kind of future will we create? This – is the essential adventure of our time!

Shamanu: Earth Wisdom Teachings is an invitation to reclaim instinctual wisdom, the truth of interconnection and be absorbed into something far grander than the isolated self culture has conditioned us to believe. To know the powers of Earth as fundamental forces of who you are and turn them into first hand experiences that are applicable to your life and path of service. The purpose of Shamanu is to turn to the authority of ecstatic experience and become warriors of spiritual wilderness.

Our approach is to ground education in the source of life, the Earth. For 28 years, Shamanu has distilled core teachings that weave a diversity of deep nature practices and philosophies - deep ecology; new paradigm thinking derived from science and spiritual traditions; personal transformation strategies; primordial journeys; Earth rituals and meditations to aid individuals in creating empowered choices, lives and cultures of peace.

Experiential nature-centered programs, mentorships, certification courses and workshops ignite your innate ability to make contact with, learn from and be nourished by the ‘other powers of life’ in which human existence is completely intertwined  and discover why this matters.

"Now is the time when we must renew ourselves and live as if we and all of life is sacred, and as if everything we do makes a difference." ~Jean Houston

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Wild Earth, Wild Heart Mentorship 

An 8-month Leadership Pathway into
the Most Important Eco-spiritual Journey of Our Time

The Shamanu Mentorship is an invitation to re-story your life back into harmony with the living Earth. To move beyond the illusions of the isolated self and into the unity of the inner whole. Through ways both old and new, you are guided into your soul connection with nature, where your dreams and destiny intertwine and your inner world and & outer world meet to simultaneously enrich each other. Reclaiming your wild heart helps you to remember how to reconnect and why it matters.


Shamanu: Earth Wisdom Teachings 

Living Completely Connected

This 2-day workshop is a spiritual training ground for joyous, creative self-expression and community building. We turn to nature as guide and mentor to remember that we are creatures of the Earth with highly-tuned senses and a wealth of ecological intelligence. Nature-centered philosophies and practices deepen our innate capacity to make contact with, learn from and be nourished by the ‘other powers of the land’. Experiencing the Earth’s powers as fundamental forces of who you are ignites the radical creativity needed to participate, at the deepest levels, of personal, ecological and social transformation, while nurturing a worldview filled with reverence and wonder.


Primordial Journeys 

Movement, Sound, Breath & Ritual

Indigenous wisdom knows that ‘to live is to move.’ To awaken from our deep slumber of disconnection with ourselves and the natural world means our bodies must be moved. Dance and music, coupled with deep stillness, is the oldest medicine and spiritual practice on Earth; bringing vibrant life, fostering healing, regeneration, resilience and creativity.  Movement sets you free.



Living the Life You Were Born To 

Every child knows that they are special, with unique gifts to offer the world. Dreams and imagination run wild in their untamed hearts as they prepare for a life of creativity, joy and fulfillment. So what happens along the way? Why have we made spirited ecstasy, something so essential to one's healthy development, an endangered experience? And how do we reclaim this birthright? This 2-day workshop is a fun, introspective and truly awakening experience that brings to life the ‘missing link’ in the often illusive quest of ‘following your bliss.’


Sacred Activism:

Creating a More Beautiful World

We have entered a time of great uncertainty. The dissolution of the old order presents a tremendous opportunity and danger. How will we participate in bringing in a different kind of force that embodies love, compassion and interbeing? Moving through the spiral of The Work that Reconnects, developed by eco-philosopher Joanna Macy, you gain perspective and a fresh understanding of who you are and your capacity to participate in creating the kind of world your heart knows is possible.  


Wild Earth, Wild Heart Immersion 

An 8-day Journey into the Heart of Gaia 

For previous participants in the Shamanu: Earth Wisdom experience. The Immersion takes you outdoors onto the land where the miracle of interbeing is restored.  The natural world draws you beyond the confines of your usual perceptions and into a wellspring of teachings & insights. Nature-based practices, plant energetics, vision quest, journeying, dance, meditation, ritual and community building help fine tune your perceptions, so that you may enter a world that speaks to you through both visible and energetic language.  Deepen your spiritual inter-communion and discover the true essence of the wild within.



ReWilding the Sacred Feminine - Women's Circle

The Earth is summoning all women to remember our primal agreement with her; to honour and protect the sacredness of all life. This 9-week series is an invitation to journey into the essential questions of our time. What is the divine feminine? What are her dreams and values? What patriarchal systems present today keep her small and voiceless? What is the sacred task that inspirits our souls and supports the replenishment of the great spirit of Earth?

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Shamanu: Earth Wisdom Teachings Correspondence Course 

For twenty-eight years. Shamanu has distilled core teachings that aid the evolution of each individual to create empowered choices, lives and societies. A diverse set of exercises vitalizes ur desire to boldly do the healing work our planet requires. The correspondence process helps us to remember that we are an integral part of a larger living system, as essential to the planet as the forests and oceans, with a unique gift to bring to our beautiful world.