Eco-Spiritual Educational Sanctuary
(est. 1983)

Felt Awareness Meditations


Sometimes it is difficult to know how you actually feel and think about something, what direction to take in your life and whether you can trust your intuition. Your mind may think one thing, while your heart says another. The practice of Felt Awareness supports coming back home to your truth and trusting it.

Felt Awareness is the ability to tune into the sensations in your body. Sensation is the language of the Soul. Listening with your whole self connects you to a deeper wisdom that is centred in who you really are, not who you were told to be. You feel more confident & trusting in yourself. Intuitive capacity increases and inspiration is more commonplace. An underlying sense of stress and uncertainty dissolves, as you stop handing power over to outside authorities and reconnect with the deep richness of your vast inner knowing.

NOTE – This is a downloadable product of MP3 audio files. You will not be receiving a CD version.

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