Donations for The Living Centre's 'Youth Earth Stewardship' (YES)

Young people need our support to meet the challenges of today’s world. The environmental crisis and violence, the senseless dichotomies and hopelessness that our youth are experiencing and witnessing are creating levels of stress and anxiety that we, their parents or grandparents never had to face.

It takes skill, deep listening and an understanding of nature’s processes to grow a garden, harvest the fruit and protect the seeds for future generations. Our youth are these gardens.  They are the leaders and citizens of tomorrow. 

Each young adult between the ages of 18 to 25 that participate in our programs leaves with pragmatic and needed skills that will help them meet their future and support their communities with confidence, courage and a strong sense of purpose. 

If you feel called to support the future of our youth your donation is gratefully welcomed and will be applied to reduce the program fees for the participants.