My Forest Garden Journey

In 1983 when I arrived here on this organic land I created these neat, tidy and immaculate gardens. Totally weed-free, as the years went by the gardens had their own plans of succession and diversity. Gradually the gardens grew and evolved into a young forest garden. I was humbled numerous times as the herbs, shrubs and trees grew and more shade-filled this landscape. Humbled and open to evolving, I realized that it is not only possible to work with the Earth in a way that nourishes life and culture, but that this ‘way’ is our ancestral birthright. I was able to see a synergistic process occurring with the life already thriving on the land, with the surrounding ecology — and with the land’s natural successions of regenerative growth over time. I moved into a deeper level of being; to live in a fully connected, renewable and soulfully present way with the living Earth. Now, 40-years later I continue to foster and share this embodiment of the living skills and sacred way that is essential to engage with the larger spirit and ecology of the Earth, to live the blessing of the green world and redirect my collective and personal path. The real practice I believe is to become a whole human being. This is core and my deep desire to pass forward to the ecosystem participants.

When I am in living in awe with the Earth I am being constantly informed, personally and locally. A multitude of messengers pours through my senses, the birds, animals, rain dew, light rays, or moonlight magic in a forest. Like us, all these living beings hold intelligence and want to whisper their secret wisdom into an open ear, and open heart.