WomanEarth Mentorship: Living Your ‘Yes’

Earth-centred Empowerment Strategies
for Absolutely Loving Your Life

July 22 to October 8, 2023

A woman in her power is an amazing being. Embodying the elegant wild wisdom of Nature, she is naturally intuitive, intelligent, and compassionate. Confident in her choices, the connected woman stands for justice and the sacredness of all Life. With Gaian wisdom awake in her bones, she listens to her body’s messages and walks in solidarity with the Earth. True to herself and others, she knows when to draw the line and when to open her great heart. Liberated by trust in her inner ‘Yes’ – and ‘No’ – she is the great nurturer and vision-keeper for future generations.   

Where does one find these wild beauties? Everywhere! Her light lives in all women like a fire that refuses to go out, despite the repression, indoctrination and injustice she has experienced over the centuries. Feminine power has waited patiently for her time to return. That time is now!

This Mentorship is for women who want to feel lit up and excited again about getting out oforiginal - img-5206-copy37498AB5-3205-3EC8-1DB7-9CBB36995939 bed in the morning. Who feel an underlying pressure – a ‘Call’-  to something new, more meaningful and fulfilling. Who wants to explore what is really important and unblock what holds them back

In a supportive environment with your sisters, allow time to slow, gestate, and perceive the creative animating forces that move in nature and consciousness. Creating space to reconnect with your inherent ‘Yes’ let’s you ride the waves of change with grace and commitment to a life full of meaning and joy!  

Say ‘Yes!’ to engage in thousand-year-old strategies and practices that take you from ‘stuck’ to absolutely loving your Life.

The Process:

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We enter this journey in the ways women have done for centuries – through our bodies, Earth connection and story. Each weekend weaves somatic practices – Primordial Movement, Dance, Chakra Activation, Breath & Sound play – Fire & Water Ceremonies, and soulful philosophies to open portals of deep knowing.

Processes, Questions & Topics that we will dive into during the 4 months are:

Nature Self

  • With Nature as your Mentor,  explore thousand-year-old practices and strategies that still the voice of the egoic mind and awaken the voice of nature as yours.
  • Access hidden wisdom and knowledge repressed by the patriarch and social conditioning thumbnail - img-17375EAAF8A6-4A09-EEDA-C462-1510B82456D6
  • Shift the human-made idea of what it means to be a woman to one that is nature made, imbued with wild wisdom, hope, joy, and a sense of beauty.  

Allow Beauty & Wonder to Be a Guide

  • From overwhelm to being overwhelmed by beauty, experience Earth ceremonies, rituals, and nature solo times that cultivate the magic of ‘presence’ and remembrance of our eternal interconnection
  • Enter the Three Times to awaken messages from the ancestors and future beings 
  • Revive your original instructions and the capacity to heal yourself

Befriend Your Internal Guidance System

Befriending your intuition takes trust that the wiser part of you wants to communicate and will not lead you astray. How to do this?

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  • Soften into practices and let pleasure cultivate trust in your desires.  
  • Enter the sacred gateway of the body in primordial sounding and fluid movement.
  • Awaken Felt Awareness – your internal guidance system brings you to the right action and the right speech. It’s a guidance system we have been trained to override. Discover how to trust your inner voice and desires.
  • Awaken the truth that you already know your path, that you are perfect, you are a miracle, and you are manifesting the future that you and your soul are in agreement with will come forward.
  • Learn Heart-centred Muscle Testing to instruct the inner ‘Yes’ & ‘No’ 

This Mentorship is about how to free your Inner Awesome one step at a time.

Emotions as Messengers of Truth

  • Explore every emotion as a messenger informing you what is true and not true for you.  Learn to allow emotions such as frustration, anger, sadness and fear to reveal their messages without getting swept away or blocking them. 
  • Celebrate the vast diversity of expressions that make you YOU through the Archetypal Dance.

  • Experience the power of community to hold a space for healing and transformation through the Truth Mandala Ceremony. 

Your Body, Your Best Friend 

  • Women are magnificent in our capacity to nurture and care for others. Often we are not as good at caring for ourselves. Effective and easy-to-learn practices are woven into our time together to ensure you receive what you need to maintain vital health and energy. 
  • Learn Nature-based health practices through the lens of Ayurveda. How to balance the elements that give life in your body/mind – Air, Fire, Water, Earth & Ether (Space), through nutrition, time in nature, breathwork, movement, touch, kundalini practices and meditation.
  • Reintegrate the natural cycles of the seasons and the moon into your daily life.

Opening the Womb of Possibility

  • Our wombs are spiritually designed sacred spaces for bringing creativity into the world, be that a child, a project, a new possibility or a vision.
  • Through Chakra opening processes, breathwork, and belly massage, learn cleansing and activation processes to maintain the integrity, health and vitality of your belly and womb space.  

If You Can Dream It, It Can Happen

  • Explore who you are as an energetic presence, the divine feminine and the divine masculine, in a single vessel, complete at the energetic level with the whole code of creation within you.
  • Through Sacred Theatre and communication with Other-than-Human beings, enter Dream Space and give birth to a new vision of  Woman and, with it, the future of the planet.
  • What is your Why? What are you here to Be? In the current cultural story of separation, you are insignificant. In the story of Interbeing you want to exercise your purpose. Woven into a larger Earth/Universal intelligence, discover your role and place in this deeper tapestry. Engage the deepest desire to fulfill that purpose.

‘It isn’t the fear of being too small that frightens us. It’s the fear of embracing that ‘I am valuable. I am beautiful. I am light and can transmit the vibration of love to enhance All Life. ’


  • July 22 & 23, 2023
  • August 19 & 20
  • September 9 & 10
  • October 7 & 8


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  • Saturdays 9:30 am to 9 pm 

  • Sundays 9:30 am to 5:00 pm


  • Regular price: $1660
  • Reduced price: $1460 for those who find the regular rate beyond their means
  • Sponsors price: $1860 to support those who need to choose the ‘Reduced Rate.’
  • A $500 deposit will guarantee your spot
  • Partial work-trade positions are available.
  • To maintain a high quality of learning and care, the Mentorship is a maximum 12 women


  • All Weekends
  • 2 Movement DVDs
  • 2 Meditation CDs
  • 2 – 1.5 hr Private Coaching Sessions with Lorenna
  • 4 – 1 hr Zoom Empowerment Sessions between the weekends
  • Saturday dinners and tenting accommodations. Accommodation upgrades to cabins or the strawbale studio are available. Please inquire here
  • In the spirit of community, we ask you to bring your favourite dish to contribute to a potluck for Saturday and Sunday.
  • Does not include travel or hst tax.  

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