Vegan Nutrition – Resilient Cuisine: Herbivore meets Locavore

Changing the World Through the Power of Food

August 26 – 27, 2023

Practical steps for achieving success by taking a close look at food choices and sustainability designed to help those committed to making a healthy lifestyle change that is also healthy for the Earth. Learn easy to create delicious recipes from local, wild and native plants. Improve health, save money and reduce the impact on the environment. Special attention will be given to essential nutrients (including protein) from local, plant-based sources.

The Vegan Resilient Cuisine workshop looks at food choices and sustainability designed to help those committed to making a healthy lifestyle change that is also healthy for the Earth. It’s about listening to our bodies and stepping away from ‘rigid rules’ about diet. Food choices that supported your body a year ago may not serve me now. It is all about playful experimentation and asking the questions: ‘Is this really the most ecstatically fulfilling choice for my body?’ ‘Would I really love to do this? Will I really enjoy the vibe which is left in its wake?’ ‘Body, what would you like to enjoy today?’

Not exclusive to herbivores. Anyone who wants to incorporate more local, plant-based foods into their dietary choices is welcome.

 Topics include:Herbalism - NUTRITIONAL-HERBALISM

  • Developing an Optimal Diet for Conscious Living
  • Nutrients: The Many and the One
  • Protein Power from Plants
  • Food Effects on Body, Mind and Spirit
  • The Whole Story about Carbohydrates
  • Enzymes: A Secret of Health and Longevity
  • Minding Your Minerals
  • Assimilating Vital Vitamins
  • Live-Food Nutrition: The Gift of Nature
  • The Wild and Beautiful


  • original - img-5315D73F6F35-AA1C-9960-E116-48471E15BCF0Wild Vegan Food Snacks
  • Fresh Herbal Tea
  • Wild Fermented Beverage
  • Recipes, Charts & Handouts
  • An Incredible Edibles e-Manual

Facilitator: Shantree Kacera, R.H., D.N., Ph.D., received his doctorate in Nutritional Medicine and Herbalism in the ’70s. Since then, he has been exploring the effect of foods and herbs in an integrative lifestyle approach to one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. His passion and study of vegan nutrition spans over four decades. He has been exploring the benefits of a high-energy Ayurvedic plant-based approach to nutrition and the ecological benefits of integrating bioregional local, native and wild edible living plants into one’s daily life. 

Date: August 26 – 27, 2023

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Time: 9 am to 5 pm.

Early-Bird $250 (Two weeks before workshop)
The regular price is $300

Includes all workshop materials, handouts & charts.

All lunches will be potluck style using as much as possible organic, local, wild, live-food plant-based ingredients. The centre will provide an in-season salad, herbal teas and snacks.

It does not include taxes, accommodations or travel.