The Essential Dozen: Be Your Own Herbalist


Discover herbalism’s many facets by focusing on the essential dozens. You will work with these plants in our medicine wheel herb garden, wildflower meadows, and forest gardens.

June 10-11, 2023

This is one of the first workshops ever taught at The Living Centre in the early 1980s. I continued teaching this workshop at Fanshawe College for 12 years. After 40 years, it is still an important and foundational study of plant medicine. An understanding that needs to be applied in every home. This workshop covers plants growing everywhere that can be used as food, spice and medicine. Are safe for pregnant moms, infants and the elderly. We will address the most common health ailments that may arise, and these plants can be used daily to prevent and keep us vibrant and healthy. Discover these essential dozen and be charged by their generous gifts. We will look at the healing plants from numerous angles, including botanical, native, therapeutic, energetic, historical and sacred.

 Some of the possible topics include:

  • Plant Identification
  • Herbal Therapeutics
  • The 12 Essential Herbal Familiesimg-0039-26D787BFE-1A16-78A1-2F69-00AE52D05025.jpg
  • Ancient and Modern Applications
  • Using Plants Internally & Externally
  • Creative Hands-on Medicine-Making

Facilitator: Shantree Kacera, R.H., D.N., Ph.D., received his doctorate in Nutritional Medicine and Herbalism in the ’70s. Since then, he has been exploring foods and herbs’ effects in an integrative lifestyle approach to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. His passion and study of vegan nutrition spans over four decades. He has explored the benefits of a high-energy Ayurvedic plant-based approach to nutrition and the ecological benefits of integrating bioregional local, native and wild edible living plants into one’s daily life.

Date: June 10 -11, 2023

Time: 9 am to 5 pm.

Cost: Early-bird $250 (2-weeks before the workshop)

Regular price is $300

All lunches will be potluck style, using as much as possible organic, local, wild, live-food plant-based ingredients. The centre will provide in-season soups, salads, herbal teas and snacks.