Eco-Spiritual Educational Sanctuary
(est. 1983)

Costa Rica Retreat – Romanced by the Elements: A Spiritual Journey into the Heart of Nature

February 27 to March 3, 2023

The Romanced by the Elements journey is a portal into a more-than-human world. Drawn into the primal intelligence of Nature, warmed by the sun, massaged by tropical waters, awakened by the song of the jungle,  you are nourished and transformed by the powers of the Elements. 

This  5-day retreat invites you into the pulsing power and potent energies of Nature as a healer, mentor and Self.  Journey into the grounded presence and resonant wonder of The Diamante Falls Cave experience.

Held within the private cavern behind the stunning Diamante Falls, this one-of-a-kind, life-changing experience immerses you in the ancient teachings of the Five Sacred Elements.

Re-awaken a more profound knowing of oneself as a living expression of Earth, reactivating the never-ending flow of life-force energy, heart-to-heart communication with Nature and spiritual insights that are your birthright.

Drink deeply the eros of life and open portals to hidden potential and a bone-felt knowing of your belonging within the larger whole.

Earth-centred practices that open you to the life-giving energies of Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Ether include:

  • The ancient wisdom teachings of Ayurveda (the Science of Life) take us deep into the wonders and mysteries of creation. Reconnect with innate wisdom for radiant health, longevity and fulfillment
  • Fluid, organic movement processes that resonate with the natural flow of each Element guide you into your essential nature and interconnected unity with the Living Earth.
  • Sound-play and Earth Meditations create coherence of body, mind, emotions and spirit, awakening inner knowing
  • The Taiji Breath: This powerful Chakra cleansing and activation breath lifts you beyond time, shape, form, and identity, opening to Universal Life Energy. Taiji is a practice of full acceptance and embodiment.

  • Sacred Plant Medicine opens portals to the potent energies between humans and the plant world, deepening your innate capacity to make contact with, learn from and be nourished by the spirits of the land.
  • Professionally guided and solo Nature journeys are woven throughout your experience. Pristine forests, waterfalls, ancient landscapes, sunrises and sunsets are waiting to awaken the primordial love connection with yourself and the Living Earth.

Cacao Ceremony:

Cacao is considered the “Food of the Gods.” Cacao remains the spiritual sacrament of choice for some Indigenous peoples and their Cacao Shamans.

Cacao is a marvellous heart-centred communion facilitator, deepening meditative focus and lovingly opening pathways into the higher energetic realms of Nature and Self. It doesn’t take you on a ‘trip’. Pure Cacao fosters higher-dimensional intimacy and the change that is ready to happen.  You will be skillfully guided through the ceremony by Lorenna.

High-Vibe Plant-based Cuisine:

Enjoy 3 delicious tropical meals daily from local organic growers. High-vibe meals revitalize body, mind and spirit, allowing access to body/nature wisdom and a more profound sense of Self.

In the purity of the Costa Rica Rainforest, join us on a passionate and mystical journey of empowerment, transformation, discovery, miracles and fun. If you feel called to an adventure full of innovation and possibility, we welcome you into this life-changing experience.

Facilitators: Shantree & Lorenna Kacera & the Diamante Cave team


The Facilitators:

Lorenna Bousquet-Kacera is the founder of Shamanu: Earth Wisdom Teachings (est. 1989), a grandmother and daughter of the Earth. She has followed her wild heart to grow Earth-centered training pathways across North America. Weaving story and wise counsel, she supports us in this global crisis to return emboldened to Earth and our human wildness. 

For 40 years, Lorenna has mentored ‘change makers’ from all walks of life. Her teachings help us reclaim our birthright as ecological beings and, with it, an Earth-honouring vision centred on practical spirituality. Her embodiment practices invite a revolution in our understanding of what it means to be human.

A co-director of The Living Centre (est.1983) with her beloved partner Shantree she is also a Permaculture, Ayurvedic Living Nutrition, and Sevenfold Path to Peace facilitator and offers Spiritual Ecology Lifestyle coaching.

Her work has integrated her Metis Indigenous heritage, Joanna Macy – The Work that Reconnects, Starhawk & Dave Jackie – Permaculture, Emily Conrad & Susan Harper – Continuum, Deep Ecology & Living Systems Theory and the cosmological work of Brian Swimme & Thomas Berry. 

Lorenna’s experience in personal transformation, spiritual evolution and holistic ecology has gifted her with a diversity of regenerative modalities and wisdom, which she generously shares with others. Weaving spiritual values into her life,  she is committed to meaningful transformation in her marriage, community, and the beautiful land she calls home in Canada. Click here for more information>

Shantree KaceraShantree Kacera, R.H., D.N., Ph.D. is an international author, teacher, co-founder and co-director with his partner Lorenna of The Living Centre (est. 1983). Shantree has been a practitioner and educator in Ayurvedic Nutrition, Energetic Herbalism, Permaculture, and Elemental and Sacred Plant Medicines for 47-years. 

He is one of a few Canadian Herbalists who has been given the ‘Honouring our Elders’ award for offering outstanding contributions to herbalism by the Canadian Council of Herbalist Associations. He is known for his cutting-edge research in plant energetics and a plant-based approach to nutritional science. An avid naturalist, endangered plant protector, environmentalist and rewilding advocate with a deep understanding of resilient living complexities, transitional ethics, and positive movement toward a regenerative and evolved future. 

His passion is to support the awakening and rekindling of one’s sacred fire and deep-earth connection—a curator of plant medicines, facilitator and mentor dedicated to a deep spiritual connection to the Earth. 

Shantree has lived in Costa Rica for 12 winters with Lorenna, which has been integral to nourishing and shaping his personal and spiritual relationship. Click here for more information>


Diamante Verde (Green Diamond) Retreat Location:

Costa Rica has many impressive waterfalls, but there is only one with a secret Cavern where you will stay for 5 days and 4 nights. In Costa Rica’s Southern Zone, Diamante Verde has ten waterfalls hidden deep in the jungle. The Diamante Waterfall is located in the village of Las Tumbas near Tinamaste.  Just 35 minutes from the beach town of Dominical, the landscape is lush with rolling mountains, sometimes enshrouded in clouds.

Local rescue-certified, bilingual professional guides with extensive knowledge of local flora and fauna guide us to Diamante private cavern and are with us for all excursions. The family and team who steward this land are dedicated to our safety and the preservation and protection of one of the greatest and most sacred natural wonders of Costa Rica.

This unique journey requires a relatively healthy body as we will climb for approximately two hours (with pauses) up a moderately steep mountain to get to Diamante Falls and what we affectionately call, The Cave. The adventure is split up with an organic garden tour serving as the first big stop just an hour from base camp. The second stop is the Cave, where we get settled in.  There is a fully equipped kitchen, flush toilets and showers.

The trail is professionally maintained with steps most of the way and takes you directly through the cloud forest with fantastic wildlife and a mystical atmosphere that cannot be put into words. The trail covers over 3 Kilometers and approximately 800 meters of elevation.

Arrival Information:  You will have to fly in the day before on February 26 and take a shuttle or bus to San Isidro de General.  Find an Airbnb or hotel for the night. Travelling from the airport to San Isidro de General and lodging on Sunday, Feb 26, will be your responsibility. However, we are happy to make suggestions and help in any way we can. The following day, Monday 27th, we meet at 8:30 am at the Hotel Chirripo near Central Park. We will have a shuttle ready to pick you up to begin our journey.

Travel lightly as the weather is warm. You will need a good pair of walking shoes, sandals or hiking boots. Excess luggage can be left safely at the base camp.  Sleeping is dorm style under the ancient rock structure with an opening to hundreds of kilometres of the virgin rainforest. (See picture to the right.) We travel down the mountain after breakfast on the 3rd, arriving approximately at noon. 

Please make sure that you have flight cancellation insurance. For reasonable flight prices, you can check out Cheap Flights, Flight Hub or Avianca, a Central American Airline. 



Feb 27 to March 3, 2023

Your Adventure Investment:

$1290 US Funds


To ensure this adventure is right for you, we ask that you contact us by email so we can answer any of your questions or set up a time to talk on the phone.

Registration can be done through Paypal or E-transfer.

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