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Primordial Sound Journeys – Postponed

We delight in music, the sound of birds singing, the laughter of children, words that nourish the heart. Sound is powerful medicine, be it for pleasure, healing or relaxation. This workshop explores how to reclaim your voice and with it your power, allowing the transformational gift of your own sound to liberate, energize, heal and transform. Coupled with movement, breath and the healing rhythms of the drum, singing bowls and other ambient instrument we  take a journey into the heart of your expression and spirit.  .

Soundwork  is a simple and safe way to release emotional, mental and physical stress. This can be related to ‘everyday’ tension or from past trauma.  Releasing stress is liberating,  giving you more energy and vitality to get on with your life.  With greater emotional freedom comes greater clarity of mind, creativity, health and spiritual connection.  

In this workshop we explore a variety of sound healing processes, from the most primal to the most subtle and sublime.

Sound processes include: 

  • Sounds that liberate stuck energies from our bodies, what we inherited from our parents and from the collective unconscious
  • Sounds to activate the chakras
  • Soundscapes for grieving
  • Sound vibrations to activate healing vibrations in specific parts of your body
  • Sounds that lift you into higher frequencies
  • Finding your HeartSong 

Included are movement, meditations and breath process and instruments to help shape our soundscapes and guide us into the deeper realms of our true nature. If you have a favourite drum, rattle or other instrument that you enjoy playing bring it along.

Date: May 16 – 17, 2020
Time: 9:30am – 5:00pm
$247 plus taxes

Includes all workshop materials & lunch for Saturday & Sunday

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