ONLINE – Primordial Movement: Healing & Regeneration of Body & Soul – 7-week series

We live in a world of straight lines, timelines and deadlines. Yet nature teaches us that life is not linear. It’s a fluid process built of waves, spirals, curves and seasons. So is your body.

Bodies are rivers of movement – Air – breath, Fire – energy, Water – blood, Earth – bone and ether – spirit. Vital health depends on how well these rivers of life flow in and through us. When the flow is unencumbered, we are blessed with vibrant health and happiness. When the flow is blocked by illness or stress, we become dis-eased.

In this workshop, I guide you through simple and effective fluid processes that fill your body with a deep sense of joy, activating a complete connection with body and soul. Various movement explorations, including wave motion, micro-movements, sounds, dance and breaths, enliven this river of vitality, awakening the capacity for self-healing and regeneration. It reconnects you to body wisdom, hidden potential and inherent sensual pleasure.

Your body knows.  Allow the natural state of fluidity to bring inner peace, clarity and the highest spiritual frequency available to humans – joy – to your everyday life.

The Benefits of Primordial Movement:thumbnail - img-24036484A94C-2872-1E91-0338-40A6BE28BA38

  • Restores vitality & an extraordinary sense of well-being
  • Ignites the capacity for self-healing & resilience
  • Rebuild trust in your body’s wisdom/intuition
  • Tones bone, muscles and internal organs
  • Enhances structural alignment, mobility, balance,
    flexibility & core strength 
  • Heightens sensuality & increased pleasure
  • Reawakens our timeless communion with nature

The Primordial Movement workshop offers long-term benefits for anyone who want to:

• Create a more flexible, open & fluid systems
• Feel younger & more trusting in life
• Heal through pleasure & play
• Experience deep relaxation & inner peace
• Cultivate spiritual awareness

These practices have been a true blessing in my life for 33 years. There has never been a physical or emotional pain that I couldn’t shift into a more alive state of health by taking a few moments to do one of the breath, sound or movement processes. In this changing and uncertain world, giving time for our daily practices is an act of love for self and helps us show up in our communities vital and present. ~ Lorenna Bousquet-Kacera – founder of Primordial Movement

Dates & Time:

ON-LINE class: Thursday, Oct 12 to Nov 23 – 9:30 am t0 11:30 am.

IN-PERSON class:  Thursday, Oct 12 to Nov 23,  6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. CLICK HERE


Regular Price: $245

Reduced Price: $195 for those who find the regular rate beyond their means

Sponsor Price: $275 to support those who need to choose the ‘Reduced Rate’
Plus HST tax

Beyond our preconceived notions of what we think of as ‘body’, we discover an inner world that is an unending resource for healing, resilience and new possibilities.

These workshops are part of the Shamanu: Earth Wisdom Teachings

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