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The Five Sacred Elements Movement Journey, 7-week Online series

We are Earth People,  made of the same powers that fashioned majestic mountains, oceans, Redwood forests and tornados – Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Ether. Each Element is an infinite source of Life-force energy containing the highest spiritual frequency available to humans. 

Our modern industrial culture has created a story of disconnection from the source of our greatest vitality and wisdom – the Elements. This narrative of separation affects our health, our thinking, our success and now our very survival. The result is an inner split reflected in the deteriorating wellness of our bodies, relationships, culture and nature.

This series offers transformational processes that connect people back to themselves through nature-based wisdom. Earth-centred movement, breath, sound work and meditation take us into a stillness of mind that allows the subtler voices of wisdom, presence, care, connection and attunement to life’s unfolding genius to be reclaimed

Remembering that which we’ve lost restores a natural peace and resilience that expands our capacity for creating amazing lives of meaning and purpose. Deepening into the Five Sacred Elements’ primordial powers as fundamental forces of who you are cultivates a life full of natural vitality and the joy of feeling fully alive.

Beyond our preconceived notions of what we think of as ‘body’, we discover an inner world that is an unending resource for healing, resilience and new possibilities.

This is a somatically-centred, process-oriented experience.

Week 1 –
  •  Introduction
  • The intrinsic internal movement of the Elements practice
  • The Felt-sense and self emergence process

Weeks 2 to 6

  • Each week focuses on one Element
  • 6:30  – 6:50 pm – Overview of one of the Elements from an Ayurvedic perspective. The positive and negative effects on body, mind and emotions when there is too much or too little of this element.
  • 6:50 – 7:40 – Introduction &  practicing the process – Somatic processes that cleanse, reactivate, generate balance and connection – Earth-body resonance – Creating a more fluid, open system – Love & pleasure as the heart of true healing
  • 7:40 – 8:40 – The Dive

  • 8:40 – 9:00  –  Feedback & questions – Closing circle

Week 7 –

    • The Sacred Balance – integration & synthesis
    • Raising & maintaining one’s frequency
    • Spirit-Matter coherence


Tuesday, October 19 to November 30, 2021
Time: 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm EST.
4:30 pm to 6:30 pm PST

Payment Standing stones on beach

Regular Rate: 247.00
Reduced Rate: 175.00 for those who find the regular rate beyond their means
Sponsor Rate: 292.00 to support those who need to choose the ‘Reduced Rate
Pre-Registration is required. Please register by October 7

The Video recording will be available after each class.
“Remember that you are WATER
Cry. Cleanse. Flow. Let Go.
Remember that you are FIRE
Burn. Tame. Adapt. Ignite.
Remember that you are AIR
Observe. Breath. Focus. Decide.
Remember that you are EARTH
Ground. Give. Build. Heal.
Remember that you are SPIRIT
Connect. Listen. Know. Be Still.”
~ Kira Wolf Moonfae
These workshops are part of the Shamanu: Earth Wisdom Teachings

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