Permaculture Tours: Forest Gardens, Natural Building & more

We have one of Canada’s oldest forest gardens, which we began planting in 1983. We also have a passive Earthship Greenhouse, a Cordwood building and a Strawbale Studio. We have been tending and planting a 1-kilometre native plant trail. This land is diverse, with three ponds and three wetlands, with over 1000 edible, medicinal and native plants and trees. We have a one-hectare forest garden farmacy, a sprouting and microgreen operation, a micro-mushroom farm, and an organic bee village. Come out for one evening or experience this landscape through the seasons. Various subjects will be covered each evening and tailored according to the interest of the individuals.

Dates & Times – Friday Evenings
April 14
June 2
July 28
September 22

Time: 6:30-9:00 pm

Please Note: Limited group size to 12 individuals.

Payment Sacred Reciprocity:
Shifting the Paradigm Towards a Gift Economy

The magic of the gift system is that the gift is voluntary, not part of a contract. The gift binds the recipient to the giver and both to the community.

Each series’s price allows each participant to decide what tuition amount feels right, transparent, and fair, reflecting their financial condition and feeling of value and gratitude. In this regard, I am applying a fundamental principle of gift — one does not specify what the return gift shall be.

You may choose to pay what a typical online webinar program of this level of quality costs, or you may want more. I cannot put a number value on it. That is not because I don’t think it is valuable. I don’t know the value, especially given the vast diversity of financial means.

Therefore, I am offering each series as a gift, trusting participants’ generosity to support the Centre in developing and sustaining in-depth learning journeys like this one. I trust your judgement about what represents a commitment and respect for your financial situation.

Pre-registration is required.

Please send an e-transfer to our email address:

Living in the Gift – Charles Eisenstein

Group Rates Available

$20 per person for five individuals or more.
Teenagers are half-price, and children 12 or under are free.

Registration is essential one week before the evening tour.

Permaculture Guide – Shantree Kacera