Permaculture Design Presentations

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We wish to invite our community to our newly certified Permaculture Design students for this free presentation.


The Eco-Spiritual Community Project

This team effort will demonstrate how to create a self-sustaining, regenerative Eco-spiritual community for 19 adults (11 individuals, 4 couples, and one baby) on 50 acres.

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Topics covered are:

1. Infrastructure/Housing – alternative building – including alternative energy systems, water management, ponds, retrofitting of houses, parking, vehicles and income source.

2. Land stewardship –  food, forest gardens, seed saving, wild-crafting, storage, vegan approach, including creating sacred spaces, trails, driveways (zone, sector, slope), water management and income source.

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3. Health & Spiritual well-being – plant medicine, complementary & wholistic medicine, creating sacred spaces, Inner permaculture – body/mind/spirit disciplines, education and income source.


Donations are welcomed. 

SCHEDULE – Eastern Standard Time:1 – 1:30 – Introduction and overview with Shantree & Lorenna1:30 – 3 – First Presentation

3 – 3:15 – Break3:15 – 4:45 – Second Presentation4:45 – 5 – Q & A


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