Online: Primordial Journey: Earth-centered Movement Series – Level I, Beginners

About Primordial Journeys

Indigenous cultures know that ‘to live is to move!’ Dance, music and inner journeys are the oldest medicine and spiritual practice on Earth. To awaken from the harm that disconnection with Self and Earth has caused, both personally and globally, requires that we drop below the constraints of the mind and move into the wisdom of body/soul. Movement, dance, breath and meditation open you to the fluid forces of creation, shattering the borders between body, heart, mind, spirit and nature.

Earth-centered Movement

The classes are an invitation to journey into the mysteries of your body as a teacher-healer-messenger. Coupled with sound vibration, breath and stillness this deeply nourishing practice restores vitality & an extraordinary sense of well-being.

A variety of movement explorations including wave motion, micro-movements, sounds, and breath enliven our organism back to its natural state of fluidity, vitality and harmony. The processes explore the idea that we are biological living systems with the capacity to self-stabilize, regenerate and evolve. We are naturally resilient, intelligent, and interconnected in all ways with our biosphere! Reconnecting with the intrinsic wave-like movement of Life turns the practice into a sensuous communion with Lifes restorative energies.

Experience the unashamed joy of feeling fully alive!

The Benefits of Primordial Journeys:

  • Ignites the energy for self-renewal
  • Reconnects you to heart intelligence and the bodies intuitive wisdom
  • Enhances structural alignment, mobility, balance, flexibility and core strength
  • Circulates vital energy throughout your body to remove physical and emotional blocks
  • Promotes healing through pleasure, love & play
  • Heightens sensuality and the capacity to receive
  • Awakens bio-intelligence
The Flow: 

The Primordial Journeys class invites authentic and imaginative exploration The movement can be soft or dynamic, evenly pulsed or polyrhythmic. Feelings rich in sensation, memories and creative impulses are welcomed expressions in the journey


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LEVEL I – For beginners

4-Week Series, begins Saturday, April 4
Time – 2 to 4 pm EST
If you miss one just jump into another session.

Also being offered:

LEVEL II – For people who have done at least 1 Primordial Journeys weekend or have experience with the Wave-movement

4-Week Series, begins Tuesday, March 31 – 9:30 – 11:30 am EST CLICK HERE and

4-Week Series, Saturday, April 4 – 9:30 – 11:30 am CLICK HERE


Sliding Scale from $0 to $80 for the series. If you can’t afford anything during these challenging times, no problem.  Everyone is welcomed.  The most important thing is to stay balanced and open. If I can support you with that I am most happy to.

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