Online – Conscious Relationship Couples Workshop:

Deepening Love & Connection

We live in a time of great global change where the mythology of intimate relationships is being challenged and being reassembled into something more scrumptious than ever before.  Women and men passionate about reclaiming the joy of soulful, genuine love find that they can no longer rely on old roles and beliefs. Intimate relationships are calling for a new kind of honesty and awareness – a new story – and the willingness to cultivate capacities to connect with another in ways that meet the evolutionary dynamics of the ‘now.’

This workshop invites you to explore conscious relationships as a spiritual path, where the joys and challenges we face are seen as opportunities to expand our sense of who we are. Conscious relationships are decisive and intentional. They are thoughtful, inquisitive, kind and compassionate. Both partners are committed to a purposeful journey and supportive of each other’s creativity and path of service. Vulnerability and freedom are at their core.

Love is the fuel for this sacred journey. Fulfillment for oneself and the world is the fruit of one’s commitment and courage to ‘walk the talk’ of conscious love.

Ayurveda & Relationship:

The ancient art and science of Ayurveda offer deep insight into your essential nature and that of your partners. You will learn how the elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Ether shape you in unique and wonderful ways. We have experienced couples’ attitudes, judgements and frustrations shift significantly when they understand each other’s constitution. Behaviours that once caused conflict become avenues for curiosity, understanding and compassion – and a more joyful relationship.

Before the workshop, you will receive an Ayurvedic constitutional chart to be filled out and referred to during the workshop.

Private Session: Included in this workshop is a private follow-up session for each couple with Shantree and Lorenna. We will go deeper into your constitutional uniqueness and how this understanding will support a healthier, more compassionate and vital relationship.

 Our Journey

For twenty-two years, we have lived and worked together 24-7, caring for the many people and activities at The Living Centre.

We have allowed our marriage to be the garden of discovery and creativity for cultivating new paradigms of experience in what it means to live in a conscious relationship. We believe that the healing and liberation of intimate relationships are central to what is needed now in the world.

Our living commitment to ‘walk the path’ has inspired a depth of understanding and capabilities that have expanded into new horizons of love and connection for us.   We look forward to sharing what we have discovered and supporting you in expanding your capacity for love and connection.

Explorations include:

  • How understanding your and your partner’s constitution blueprint will support every aspect of your relationship   
  • The balance of Fire (masculine) & Water (feminine) energies
  • Why making your creative essence your top priority is critical to a lasting marriage
  • The joy and spiritual communion of a healthy sexual/sensuous life
  • How looking at past and current issues can evolve you into a new relationship story
  • Meeting the challenge and fears of differences, hurts and boredom. 
  • When trust is lost – how to reclaim it
  • The ‘relational field’ and the unfurling of the heart

Experiential Processes include:

  • Learning how to listen –  the hearth of wisdom, transformation & communication
  • Meditation processes to deepen love & prevent conflict
  • Chakra activation for balance, vitality & sexual health
  • ‘Presencing’ and Felt Awareness processes to cultivate mindful intimacy
  • The importance of nature connection in relationship
  • Private follow-up Ayurvedic session with Shantree and Lorenna

“My wife and I were truly grateful for this unique opportunity to awaken our consciousness and nurture our spiritual health.  Lorenna and Shantree are awesome – dynamic, fun, genuine and insightful.  They guided us in a relaxed and comfortable way, with plenty of humour, humility and confidence.  We left with a better sense of ourselves and each other, and a deeper feeling of connection as a couple.  We also gained a little wisdom and strength to face the stress and the challenges of our times. ” Andy

“The Conscious Connection workshop is perfect for couples looking to take their relationship to a deeper level. Lorenna and Shantree lead by example, combining their years of spiritual work as individuals and as a couple to guide you on a journey that is both practical and transformative. It takes special people and special circumstances to create a workshop like this. My partner and I left feeling closer and empowered to be the change we want to see.” ~ Jessica


May 1 & 2, 2021 – Maximum – 7 couples

While we have more experience with heterosexual couples, all couples are welcomed.


Saturday & Sunday
Eastern Time Zone

Session 1: 9:30 am to 1:00pm
Session 2: 2:30 to 5:30pm

Pacific Time Zone
Session 1: 6:30 am to 10 am
Session 2: 11:30 am to 2:30 pm


  • Regular rate: $400 per couple
  • Reduced rate: $325 per couple (if the regular amount is too much for you at this time)
  • Sponsor rate: $450 per couple (for people who feel called to contribute towards the tuition of those who pay the reduced fee)

Sharings: There will be an opportunity for a large group and small group sharing during the weekend. Hearing and being heard can be both supportive and empowering when entering a new territory of the heart. Zoom offers the capacity to create ‘break-off’ groups, which we will utilize throughout the experience. You share as much or as little as you want. Your privacy and timing are deeply honoured.

Participating in an experience like this ‘online’ may not be ideal for some of you. The support of a circle of other committed couples can be helpful. Others may find the privacy of your own home space helps you to be more open. We ask that you commit to lessening the natural distractions that being at home can bring by being fully present and on time for each session and turning your phones off. This is your special time to be together in exploratory conscious, and loving support.

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“It was a pleasure working with Lorenna and Shantree for the Conscious Couples workshop. As I’ve gotten to know Lorenna and Shantree, I have really grown to admire and respect their relationship. My partner and I appreciated the openness and authenticity that was demonstrated. Being in their presence inspired us to open up and be free. Leaving the workshop, we felt we gained some tools for deeper connection and communication. We also really enjoyed the Ayurvedic perspective on relationship, as we now feel like we understand each other in a new way and can better support each other to thrive. Anyone is blessed to work with these two beautiful souls in whatever way they can!” In gratitude, Amanda and Jeff.