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Miraculous Abundance: How to Grow More Food than you ever Imagined! – Hands-On Experience

With the Forest Gardener & Wild Nutritionist Shantree Kacera

Take a moment to consider that 50% of Americans were farming in 1880. Now less than 2% of the nation is employed in agriculture.
From another perspective, in 1945, Americans grew 45% of their food in their backyard gardens. Now we grow 0.1% of our food in our backyards.

Growing more food than you ever thought possible on less land than you ever imagined is easily achieved and demonstrated through small-scale, high-yielding, all-organic regenerative gardening methods

First, let us look at what it is NOT:

  • Not a Violent Knowledge Paradigm
  • Not Chemical Fertilizers
  • Not Poisons & Pesticides
  • Not Toxic Monocultures
  • Not Large-Scale Industrial Farms
  • Not Seed Dictatorship
  • Not Globalization
  • Not Corporations

The Living Centre began as a homestead in 1983, which organically transitioned into the educational centre it is today. We intend to sustain ourselves and share how to grow the most nutrient-dense food and medicine possible. Most ecologically, create a regenerative model that can carry us into a post-carbon future—when oil or animal husbandry is not essential to soil fertility.

Today, the centre produces a vast diversity of vegetables, berries, fruit, nuts and herbs using a mix of permaculture, bio-intensive, forest gardening and natural ecological practices. It is a well-established permaculture educational centre and an apothecary clinic.

An Earthship passive greenhouse, a micro-sprouting and mushroom operation, a medicine wheel herb garden and foraging trails create abundance for all. It has also become the research site focusing on how small organic regenerative gardens like ours might be a solution for food sustainability needs.

Just Imagine
1200 kg of delicious organic food, spices, herbal teas and medicine in
120 foraging hours more than you ever thought possible on less land than you can imagine.


  • Modelling a living system
  • Using organic veganic methods
  • Using only hand-tools
  • On-site fertility mulch, compost and making our weed tea
  • Forest gardening practices
  • Using a no-till approach
  • Growing in All Seasons
  • Perennial Plants, Wild Plants
  • High-Density Polyculture Planting
  • A Change of Scale – Small is Beautiful

* Includes an Incredible Edibles e-Manual

This 6-part series, plus our bonus Permaculture Site Tour – Small is Beautiful: The Incredible Edible Harvest, centred on the core concept that ‘small is beautiful. Each week I will cover and offer practical protocols from my 45-years of research and accomplishments in regenerative living. Your questions are welcome.

  • The Practical Concept of Small is Beautiful
  • Growing nutrition per square meter
  • Biointensive Micro-agriculture
  • Creating a Four-Season Harvest
  • We Are Where We Eat
  • The Incredible Edibles
  • Bio-Abundance for All
  • A Step-by-Step Process
  • Create Your Miraculous Abundance Landscape
  • Discover Who Feeds the World
  • Q & A

We must collectively invent a new way to live on this planet and profoundly change our relationship with nature. I look forward to having you join me during this online webinar series.

Here is an inspiring article:

Miraculous Abundance: A Veganic Ecological Permaculture Perspective

Focus Topics: Seed, Steward & Save

Date & Time
Thursday Evenings (6-Week series) includes:

April 20 – From Dream to Reality: Seeding the Vision
April 27  – Pattern & Observation: The Web of Connections
May 4-  Deep Soil Creation: Building the
May 11 – Soil, Building the Future
– Composting & Soil Fertility
May 18 – Biointensive Micro-agriculture: Working-by-Hand
May  25 – Polyculture Planting

Friday, June 9 – Permaculture Site Tour: Small is Beautiful: The Incredible Edible Summer Harvest
7 – 9 pm

The Gift: I am offering this webinar series on the principle of The Gift, trusting participants’ generosity to support the centre in developing and sustaining in-depth learning journeys like this one. The regular price is $160. I have included that option below. Decide what works for you and send your Gift through e-transfer to

Thank you for your generosity and participation in this series.

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