Miraculous Abundance: How to Grow a Vegetable Garden for More Food than you ever Imagined! – Hands-On Experience

With the Forest Gardener & Wild Nutritionist Shantree Kacera

Take a moment to consider that 50% of Americans were farming in 1880. Now less than 2% of the nation is employed in agriculture.
From another perspective, in 1945, Americans grew 45% of their food in their backyard gardens. Now we grow 0.1% of our food in our backyards.

April 25 – June 6, 2024

Growing more food than you ever thought possible on less land than you ever imagined is easily achieved and demonstrated through small-scale, high-yielding, all-organic regenerative gardening methods. This is a hands-on experience!

This 7-part series will cover and offer practical protocols from Shantree’s 50-years of research and accomplishments in regenerative gardening.

  • The Practical Concept of Small is Beautifulevent-images - VEGGIE-GARDEN-WORKSHOP-300sq
  • Growing nutrition per square meter
  • Biointensive Micro-agriculture
  • Creating a Four-Season Harvest
  • We Are Where We Eat
  • The Incredible Edibles
  • Bio-Abundance for All
  • A Step-by-Step Process
  • Create Your Miraculous Abundance Landscape
  • Discover Who Feeds the World
  • Q & A

We will look at what it is NOT:

  • Not a Violent Knowledge Paradigm
  • Not Chemical Fertilizers
  • Not Poisons & Pesticides
  • Not Toxic Monocultures
  • Not Large-Scale Industrial Farms
  • Not Seed Dictatorship
  • Not Globalization
  • Not Corporations

The Living Centre began as a homestead in 1983, organically transitioning into the educational centre it is today. We share how to sustain ourselves and grow the most nutrient-dense food and medicines possible. We have created a regenerative model that will carry us into a post-carbon future without the need for chemical fertilizers to maintain soil fertility.

Today, the centre produces a vast diversity of vegetables, berries, fruit, nuts and herbs using a mix of permaculture, bio-intensive forest gardening and natural ecological practices. It is a well-established permaculture educational centre and an apothecary clinic

Methodology for Growing a Vegetable Garden  

  • Modelling a living systemimages - vegetable-garden
  • Using organic veganic methods
  • Using only hand-tools
  • On-site fertility mulch, compost and making our weed tea
  • Forest gardening practices
  • Using a no-till approach
  • Growing in All Seasons
  • Perennial Plants, Wild Plants
  • High-Density Polyculture Planting
  • A Change of Scale – Small is Beautiful

* Includes an Incredible Edibles e-Manual

We must collectively invent a new way to live on this planet and profoundly change our relationship with nature. We look forward to having you join us during this hands-on series.

Here is an inspiring article:

Miraculous Abundance: A Veganic Ecological Permaculture Perspective

Focus Topics: Seed, Steward & Save

Date & Time
Thursday Evenings (7-Week series) includes:

April 18 – From Dream to Reality: Seeding the Vision
April 25  – Pattern & Observation: The Web of Connections
May 2-  Deep Soil Creation & Maintenance
May 9 – Soil, Building the Future – Composting & Soil Fertility
May 16 – Biointensive Micro-agriculture: Working-by-Hand
May  23 – Regenerative Polyculture & Companion Planting
Open Pollinating Seeds – Seed Propagation, Close Spacing & Seed Saving

May 30 – Permaculture Gardens Site Tour:
An Interrelated Food-Growing System: Finding the balance between garden and insect life
6:30- – 9:00 pm

Registration Fee:

Sliding Scale: $200 – $250 – $300

Limited to 10 Garden Enthusiasts

Highly Recommended Study Workbook:
How to Grow More Vegetables:
Than You Ever Thought Possible on Less Land with Less Water Than You Can Imagine, John Jeavons

Thank you for your generosity and participation in this hands-series.

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