Embodied Radiance with Francesca: Sacred Earth Sounds & Lorenna: Shamanu – A Pre- Summer Solstice Workshop

Reclaiming Our Innate Frequency of Love


Summer Solstice energy is power in the making, reminding us of our own solar heritage and the powerful radiance inherent within our hearts and bodies. It is a time to reclaim the great joy and abundance of Life. It reminds us of the true role of humans as solar beings alive on this beautiful planet to be a light and palm of love for all of life.

Love is vital, strong, and fierce when needed. It is the activator for insight, compassion and creativity! Love heals the illusion of separation, opening our hearts to what is true, just and real. We remember who we are and how we are held within a vibrant and loving Earth community. Reclaiming our authentic self we are free and in purpose to Life.

You are invited to join Francesca (Sacred Earth Sounds) and Lorenna (Shamanu: Earth Wisdom Teachings) in revitalizing the radiance of your essential self and discover the power to transform your world in alignment with Nature’s way.


  • Letting go of what blocks natural radiance and vitality
  • Reconnecting with the knowingness field
  • Attuning with Nature to reclaim natural power

We begin by slowing down and stilling the mind through a variety of body-centred processes and Soundbaths. Each process supports the remembrance of our interconnected wholeness.

Processes include:

SoundbathSound creates spaciousness in the emotional body, moving us from a sympathetic state to a parasympathetic state and allowing us to deepen spiritual, meditation and self-care practice. 

Wave Motions a fluid movement process, often referred to as ‘the movement of Love’ softens rigidity and tensions opening us to the flow of Universal energies

Radiance Breath Meditation Activation of the Chakra system reconnects us to innate heart radiance and its capacity for profound personal and global healing and transformation.

Intuitive Dance – Dance moves us out of our heads into the wisdom of our bodies where unconscious patterns and indoctrinations are released.

Voice play – Our voices are powerful instruments for liberating deeply held emotions from present and past trauma, and for connecting with the creative impulse of Life.

Cacao Ceremony – considered by some to be the food of the Gods,  a pure cacao drink deepens meditative focus, is a marvellous heart-opener, joining you, your Higher Self, and your Source guidance.


Join us in embracing the ‘flame of Love, the creative power of Source, and the purifying radiance of intentional joy! 


Francesca Ranalli Certified Sound Practitioner, Certified facilitator of Vocal Alchemy, Certified Reiki Practitioner, M.Mus, B.Mus. Founder of ‘Sacred Earth Sounds’. Her work is guided by scientific theory, a Masters in Music, Eastern philosophy, and Shamanic traditions.

Lorenna Bousquet-Kacera – Founder of ‘Shamanu: Earth Wisdom Teachings’ (est 1992), Co-director of The Living Centre, Eco-spiritual Education Sanctuary, Ayurvedic Living Nutrition & Sevenfold Path of Peace Educator.

Date & Time:

June 18, 2022
Saturday 9:00 am to 9 pm


Sliding Scale – pick what suits you best.  

Regular Rate: 193.00
Reduced Rate: 166.00 for those who find the regular rate beyond their means
Sponsor Rate: 229.00 to support those who need to choose the ‘Reduced Rate.’


Lunch – Please bring a vegan lunch

Dinner – The Living Centre will provide dinner, snacks and herbal teas

If you need to warm anything up you can use the kitchen stove and there is a fridge for your use.

What to bring: A yoga mat, water bottle, journal and layered clothing to be indoors and outside.

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