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Ask the Herbalist (4-Week Cycles) Online

Lessons on Herbalism, Biodiversity & Regeneration

Emerging Green Pharmacy: Modern Plant Medicine
Since immemorial, medicinal plants have been used in virtually all cultures as a source of medicine. An emerging green pharmacy. Integrating ancient wisdom with modern science to learn ways to use the world’s oldest healing system. A Journey into the Healing Wisdom of Plants.

Why Herbalism?
Plant medicines are around us at all times. There are herbs, trees and fungi for any ailment. In our healing process, we look to our herbal allies to support and nourish us as foods and medicines for the mind, body, spirit and community. With a deep awareness of natural medicine, we consider the importance of balanced, diverse and integrated wellness programs tailored to meet individual needs. Immerse yourself in Herbalism’s vast field, and gain confidence in your studies and the ancient craft of working with medicinal plants.

The interest in complementary herbal medicine is expanding. Many people become more interested in maintaining healthy; vital lives will continue and increase their use of herbs in the coming years. People who understand how to grow, sustain, harvest, produce, and use these natural medicines. These skills are becoming highly valued in neighbourhoods, communities and an emerging herbal culture as herbal educators and activists for the green world.

In Herbalism, I genuinely believe it’s just as important to understand the plants’ ecology and medicinal value, especially if you gather them in the wild.

Bioregional Herbalism
It embraces the concept that a genuinely wholistic healing style needs to draw on available natural resources within your region. Bioregional Herbalism is a pathway to natural wellness. Build your resilience by discovering how to engage with bioregional plants as allies and develop personal intuition and connection for yourself and the natural world.

The energetic aliveness of wild and native medicines supports our well-being – well beyond our physical body. They connect us with the deep source of the Earth. They are the heart and soul of healing.

  • How do we go beyond this heals’ physical realm that heals this, too, go beyond just treating symptoms, treating only the obvious or treating just the disease?
  • How do we integrate our healing herbs into our daily life?
  • How do we deepen our connection to the healing world of plants?

We are reclaiming our heritage of plant medicine and developing healing forests for health and vitality.

Shantree has been very active in teaching and practicing Integrative Herbalism for 45-years. His primary focus in education is to inspire the self-empowerment of each individual. We’ll explore herbs needed today for our changing world.

These empowerment series intend to support you in cultivating your skills, studies, and well-being. To inspire and activate you as a steward and ambassador for the herbs and deepen awareness of your place on Earth.

The Benefits of Plant Medicine
  • Regenerates vitality &  sense of well-being
  • Reconnects us to the green world
  • Rebuilds our whole organism & inherent body wisdom
  • Enhances clarity of mind & emotions
  • Ignites purification and cleansing practices
  • Promotes optimal healing through a deep sense of belonging
  • Activates the art of resilient living
  • Heightens receptivity and clarity of thought
  • Awakens bio-intelligence, intuition & imagination

Ask the Herbalist Q & A

Are there questions I won’t answer?
Yes, there are, and the reasons vary, so I’ll not dig super deep into why but the following are the things I will not likely respond to:

Questions about drug interactions
Example: “Can I take x herb with x medication” is something you will need to talk with your doctor about or do a sincere reading on.

Questions about how to follow the directions of another herbalist
This is similar to calling another doctor, naturopath or wholistic health practitioner so they can answer a question for you versus calling the doctor who is already overseeing you. But suppose your herbalist is unwilling to answer your questions about their advice given readily without paying them for more of their time. In that case, I highly suggest you evaluate if they are the best practitioner for you.

Questions about medical procedures
If you should or should not go through with them are serious decisions that, while I encourage you to be fully informed about what you allow to happen to your body, I do not want you placing such a serious decision in your life upon my shoulders.

Life-threatening situations or illnesses that need immediate medical care
In these severe types of cases, please either call your primary doctor, go to the nearest hospital or call 911 because in no way does the information I share here make a substitute for urgent medical care!

Questions asked on other people’s behalf.
If the individual is not willing to ask me the question themselves, not only will I not likely get the whole picture needed to answer fully, they will probably not be willing to listen to much of what I have to say. Of course, if you ask on your young child’s behalf, that is an entirely different matter!

The primary focus of these weekly sessions is to inform and empower you in the craft of plant medicine. It is not to diagnose or treat various ailments. It is to support each individual in prevention, creating a wholesome herbal lifestyle, and regenerating our ecology.

If You Listen, they Will Teach You.
Plants are Our Ancestors
Biophilia  – Love of Life

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Monthly Focus – 2023

June 6 (starting date first Tuesday of the Month)
Tonic Herbal Therapy:
Creating a Kitchen Pharmacy

July (starting date first Tuesday of the Month)
The 12 Essential Dozen:
Discovering Your Bioregional Herbal Superherbs

August (starting date first Tuesday of the Month)
Deep Ecology – Deep Herbalism
Spiritual Evolution with Sacred Plant Medicines.

September (starting date first Tuesday of the Month)
Delving into the Nature and Spirit of Consciousness of Plants

October (starting date first Tuesday of the Month)
Saving Our Medicinal Herbs:
Being an Ambassador of Sacred Seeds & Stewardship

November (starting date first Tuesday of the Month)
Regenerative & Bioregional Herbalism:
The Language of Plants


“Herbalism is based on relationship –
The relationship between plant and human, plant and planet, human and Earth. Using herbs in the healing process means taking part in an ecological cycle.
This offers us the opportunity consciously to be present in the living, vital world of which we are part, to invite wholeness and our world into our lives through awareness of the remedies being used.
Wendell Berry

The Process:
7 pm – Setting the Foundation
7:15 – Introducing & The Art of Practicing the Craft
7:30 – Focus of the Week
8:00 – Q & A

Each Month for 4-Weeks

Tuesday Evenings
Time: 7- 9:00

event-images - coherence-circles-300pxPayment: Sacred Reciprocity:

Shifting the Paradigm Towards a Gift Economy

The magic of the gift system is that the gift is voluntary, not part of a contract. The contribution binds the recipient to the giver and both to the community.

This webinar’s price allows each participant to decide what tuition amount feels right, transparent, and fair, reflecting their financial condition and feelings of value and gratitude. In this regard, I am applying a fundamental principle of gift — one does not specify what the return gift shall be.

You may choose to pay what a typical online webinar program of this level of quality costs, or you may want more. I cannot put a number value on it. That is not because I don’t think it is valuable. I don’t know the value, especially given the vast diversity of financial means.

Therefore, I am offering this series as a gift, trusting participants’ generosity to support the Centre in developing and sustaining in-depth learning journeys like this one. I trust your judgement about what represents a commitment and respect for your financial situation.

Pre-Registration is required. Please register at least one week before starting date.

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Living in the Gift – Charles Eisenst

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