FREE Webinar – How to Be an Active Participant in Creating a Regenerative Lifestyle & a New Earth – Q & A

Empower your Regenerative Lifestyle & Future.

Living Seed – Living Soil – Living Foods 

7 to 8 pm EST

  • He has a 45-year track-record of training tens of thousands of clients and students.
  • Shantree has dedicated his life to living a fully committed life.
  • We see the impact of dreams coming true within co-creative communities.

From Living Seed to Living Soil to Living Foods, learn how our  Mentorships teach and empower you about bridging the gap between Earth’s living soil and the soil of our bodies; the results will enhance your well-being and the world around you.

Don’t miss out!

Bring your questions.
Bring your life inquiries.
Bring your curiosity of what now.

Chat with Shantree for an hour with plenty of Q & A time and hear life stories and the ‘why & how’ he has dedicated his 50-years experience to creating an ecological sanctuary in London, ON.

“We believe that if everyone knew even a little of how to integrate these principles in our life, we would have a cultural shift.”

SPECIAL OFFER at the end of the Webinar for Live Attendees. 


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