Embodied Coherence: Practices to Liberate the Spirit – 7 week series

A Shamanu Teaching


Stress is the accelerant to change and adaptability. It’s Nature’s way of creating new potential. Yet too much stress can lead to an incoherent organism that blocks vital energy, the ability to stay healthy and makes us easily programmed. 

We carry great power and clarity when we become coherent. When body, mind, heart and spirit unify into natural Oneness. We are, in fact, coherent waveforms with an exquisite fine-tuned intuition developed over millions of years to know exactly what is needed in any situation.  

The anxiety of the past two years is causing an accumulation of tension which hinders natural immunity, numbs and dulls our vital thinking and feeling capacity and makes it difficult to cope with the speed of change. What to do?

Nature has gifted us with an abundance of creative and effortless embodiment practices to become the coherent vessel of Light that is our truth. Reconnecting with the 5-Sacred Elements and your organism as powerful expressions of the Elemental forces through movement, dance, shaking medicine, voice and breath, we tap into the knowledge field that rouses the innate capacity to cleanse, regenerate, heal and liberate natural intelligence.

Embodied coherence means you know what is right for your health, relationship and path of service. No more confusion. You discover pleasure as a natural rejuvenator, igniting the love frequency that turns on your own Source connection.

The Pathways to Coherence:

Wave-like Movement activates the natural bio-intelligence of your organism.  Through a process of intentional allowing and deep listening  the body’s capacity to communicate with itself increases.

Shaking Medicine – An ancient and primal technique used by Shamans world-wide to release tension and open gateways of spiritual knowing.

The Taiji Chakra Breath – A venerable process for cleansing, nourishing and activating the 9 essential Chakras.

Elemental Dance – A deeply intuitive experience that awakens our connection with the 5-Sacred Elements and the wisdom-teachings that flow through our bodies from them.

Voice play – Through lots of voice-play discover ways to release deeply held emotions from present and past trauma and reconnect with innate freedom.original - img-24036484A94C-2872-1E91-0338-40A6BE28BA38

Felt Awareness – Also known as your Spiritual Guidance System. It is what life gave each of us to inform our life. It is never wrong.

Earth Meditations – Rooting into what is true as interconnected beings part of a magnificent web of Life empowers and opens us to the Great Love.

Join us for this liberating experience into the Divine Life Energy that is You.
Series begins: Oct 6, 2022

6:30 pm to 9 pm

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Regular Rate: 247.00

Reduced Rate: 193.00 for those who find the regular rate beyond their means

Sponsor Rate: 292.00 to support those who need to choose the ‘Reduced Rate.’

Does not include tax.