Wonder, Play & Prayer

August 18, 19 & 20, 2023

Children instinctively love nature and develop wise respect and a fearless relationship with the playground of a wondrous world when allowed.  Experiencing the world as alive, interconnected and sacred,  home is underfoot in the nearest tree, the wind, the smell of fresh rain,  the sound of thunder and sunshine. An innate knowing of ‘place’ and belonging evokes the prayer of curiosity, humility and respect for creation.

Wonder reawakens the direct experience of belonging to something larger than oneself. A space where we can feel loved, nourished and guided by the great forces of creation. A resting place to tend to the inner yearnings of our hearts within an interconnected reality.

This playshop invites you to soften into the elemental powers of Earth, Air, Sun/Fire, Water and Ether as the very source of your being, vitality and health. Relaxing into the transformational powers of this living world calls us home.  

Where do we find answers in a world where familiar social and physical structures quickly change, and the way ahead is unknown? Within the nourishment of wonder, play and prayer, we are delivered into the creational field, where fresh new possibilities, insights, and awareness awaits.

Processes Include: 

Dance, Movement Meditations, Felt Awareness and Chakra Breath processes,  Voice-play and Earth-centred Ceremony are woven throughout the weekend.

Integrated into all processes is the opportunity to re-vision the fundamental questions of ‘Who am I’ and What Now?

About Shamanu: Earth Wisdom Teaching

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This workshop is part of the Shamanu teachings. Shamanu supports the journey from the familiar inner terrain to one’s creative edge, where a more vital and authentic self awaits.

The philosophies and practices strengthen the capacity to make contact with, learn from and be nourished by the energies of the land and return to the truth of who we are as Spiritual Earth being. For 30 years, Shamanu has distilled core processes that support a soul-full adventure in accelerated, conscious evolution. Read more 

Held & Supported

Founded in 1983, The Living Centre is a lush, biologically diverse 50-acre educational and Permaculture sanctuary with wild meadows, forest-woodland,spring-fed ponds, wetlands, natural buildings, organic food forests and orchards. The spacious surroundings offer a perfect setting for reconnection, regeneration and learning. For over 40 years, The Living Centre has provided an integrated, multifunctional, ecologically abundant living classroom.  For more information click here

Come prepared to be on the land as much as weather permits

“The Universe shivers with wonder in the depth of the human.”
~ Brian Swimme

Begins Friday at 5:30 pm with dinner. Saturday & Sunday, 9:30 am – 5 pm.  



Regular fee: $350
Reduced fee: $300 for those who find the regular rate beyond their means
Sponsored fee: $400 to support those choosing the ‘Reduced Rate.’

  • Includes Friday dinner, Saturday & Sunday lunches  
  • Does not include travel or hst tax.
  • Accommodations are available at an extra fee. Click Here for information

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