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The Living Centre is expanding and inviting new nature-based ventures that support environmental sustainability and community regeneration.


At this time of great change and uncertainty feelings of separation are pushing humanity further apart, when what’s needed is to come together to create new models of sustainability and abundance. Our focus and actions must continue to unite us as we address the needs of our planet, each other, and ourselves. What are the Solutions?

The Living Centre is offering a powerful solution through our new Ecosystem Participants program. For years we have planted and nurtured life on this land, filling it with native, fruit-bearing, culinary and medicinal trees and plants. Way more than we will ever need or that we can harvest!

At the same time, people of all backgrounds and ages want to work at something that they see actually helps heal the Earth. They have passion and ambition, but they may not have the land, knowledge or community to realize their dreams. We have this and we want to share.

We are expanding the Centre and offering our 95-years of combined experience in Permaculture, Herbalism, Wild Nutrition, Forest Gardening and Nature-based education to others to create their own “eco-ventures” (ecological, social enterprises)

What is an Ecosystem Participant?

  • An Ecosystem Participant is someone who resonates with the vision, ethics and philosophy of the Centre. Who has skills or is willing to receive training at the Centre to acquire the skills needed for their project. Also, to participate in the required education to understand the eco-spiritual principles our Centre abides by. 
  • An Ecosystem Participant is creative, motivated, can work on their own and with others.  Is respectful to humans and other than human beings and will design their project with the health and well-being of Earth, People and Future Generations at the forefront. An Ecosystem Participant has the financial means to start their own livelihood project and create a thorough business plan presented to us for approval.
  • They see themselves as an integral part of the larger Living Centre ecosystem and design their endeavour in such a way that their thriving supports the thriving of the whole. 
  • They want to participate in our quarterly Equinox and Solstice events and be actively part of other community events being offered at the Centre. An Ecosystem Participant wants to be part of building a supportive community. 
  • They are willing to go through a specific training process to understand the ethics and mission of the Centre

We have always represented a  plant-based lifestyle as an important part of our worldview. It is our way of walking more lightly and kindly on the planet. An Ecosystem Participant respects and is supportive of this choice.

Each project is unique and will require conversation and sharing. An Ecosystem Participant is willing to be in this conversation to ensure that we create a 5-win process: 

  • A win for the community through Food-forest market gardens, microgreen operations, natural beekeeping and the many other possibilities that this land holds.
  • A win for children through Earth-based children’s programs where kids can reconnect with themselves and nature.
  • A win for the Earth through regenerative practices that care for the land and wildlife
  • A win for the individual Ecosystem Participant to create a livelihood that they believe in and serves the planet
  • A win for future generations as we leave landscapes and systems that we are proud of, and can inspire other projects in both rural and urban settings.

Together, we can create the beautiful future that IS possible.

Let us know what creative adventure you have been waiting to initiate.  

Full & Part-time Opportunities include but are not limited to: 

  • Wildcrafter Forager
  • Forest Gardener (Food Forest)
  • Organic Bio-Intensive Vegetable Gardener
  • Greenhouse & Indoor Sprout Grower
  •  Edible Mushroom Cultivator
  • Nurseryman/Woman, Plant propagator
  • Forest Therapy
  • Seed Saving
  • Organic Bio-Intensive Vegetable Gardener

To name a few. The only limitation to this program is one’s imagination.

The Sevenfold Peace, Environmental, Food & Lifestyle Ethics

Vision – We envision a world of peace and joy where humans live in harmony with each other and all of nature. 

Mission – The Living Centre is an eco-spiritual education sanctuary.  Established upon Earth-centered values, the philosophies and programs help people realize their ‘sacred work’ as builders of a planetary community focused on peace and respect for the sacredness of all life.

We are committed to fully supporting you in creating a lifestyle that is wholistic, balanced and purposeful.

Environmental Food Policy of  The Living Centre

  • Grow as much of our Own Food Organically as is possible
  • Support ourselves with an Organic Plant-Based Diet
  • Purchase from local farmers, preferably Organic Growers
  • Reduce the amount of processed, prepared or altered foods

Sevenfold Path of Peace  

A cornerstone philosophy is the Sevenfold Path to Peace.   The Sevenfold Peace embraces the ‘how to’s for creating peace with your body, mind, family, humanity, culture, ecology, and Spirit. Coupled with an understanding that we humans are interconnected and simply ‘a part’ of a more extensive web of life,  the purpose of the Sevenfold Peace is to cultivate peace, love and respect for all Life.

Ecosystem participants adhere to the Centre’s Sevenfold Path of Peaceful Living Policy, which includes embracing a plant-based organic lifestyle,  as well as an Earth-based spirituality exemplified in the teachings of the Shamanu: Earth Wisdom Teachings. 

This includes refraining from behaviours such as the use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, inappropriate nudity, sexual or any other sort of harassment of others, gossip, slander, negativity, and/or any other behaviour that undermines or interferes with the awakening and healing process of others.  

Since 1983 we have cared for the spiritual energy of the Centre and the land. This energy is affected by the behaviour and thoughts of every participant. The purer the participants’ views and actions, the more power the Sanctuary generates as a habitat for regenerative living. The Sevenfold Path, drawn from the ancient universal Essene teachings, supports us in fulfilling our Darhma  – life’s purpose ~ right thought, speech, action, and service.  

If you feel called to explore the possibility, please contact Shantree & Lorenna at 519-652-9109 or

In love and gratitude,
Lorenna and Shantree

Mentorship Training Programs are available that support each of these endeavours.

Shamanu: Earth Wisdom Teachings

Herbalism Mentorship Programs

Four-Season Permaculture Certification

Conscious & Wild Edibles Nutrition Mentorships