The special events at The Living Centre are our way to honour with you the sacred journey and cycles of the year.
Celebrations include Spring and Autumn Equinox, Summer and Winter Solstice.
On the 21st. of September we celebrate International Day of Peace, which also happens to fall on the Autumn Equinox.

Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox Celebration

Birthing Peace - A Call to New Beginnings

We invite you to join us in celebrating this magical time of year when we are called to join nature in the exuberant process of rebirth. Spring calls us to shake off the heavy winter mantle, shift our energies, and prepare for the fertility of a new season. In Spring, the Earth is alive, ripe with possibilities – and so are we. The Spring Equinox celebration offers a sacred space to ponder and give thanks for the dream-time, inward journeying of winter and vision of what you wish to seed for the coming season. As you set your intentions and let the gentle Spring breezes and warming days soften your heart, you join the creative process and the shaping of your tomorrows. 

Summer Solstice Celebration & Anniversary

Celebrating the Beauty & Generosity of Life

The Living Centre invites you to celebrate this magical time of year – the beginning of Summer and the longest day of light! Winter brought the dreaming time. The Spring brought the seeding of our dreams – and gardens. Summer is a time of great fertility and renewal. A time to celebrate the emergence of what has been seeded in the company of friends and kindred spirits. Join us in creating a ritual space together that honours, celebrates and gives thanks to the generosity of Earth and our deep interconnection with ‘all our relations.’ Set your intentions for this new cycle, honour the forces that give Life, and share in community and camaraderie. This day also marks the center’s anniversary – celebrating our 42nd year.

Fall Equinox Celebration & International Peace Day

Joining Together To Be The Way of Peace!

Sept. 21st is a special day. A time to celebrate the great harvest and abundance from what was planted in spring and nurtured through the warm and gracious summer months – in our crops, our adventures, our relationships, our Earth connection, and spiritual growth. We will be joining 200 countries worldwide and one billion people celebrating Peace on this International Day of Peace, established by the United Nations. This is a time to Celebrate Life and all we have been given. When we come together in community and focus an intention of healing and the return of balance and harmony for all Beings, we create powerful energy that not only enlivens our lives but ripples out to all of creation. In the circle, we will celebrate the turning of the seasons and the opportunity to align our hearts and minds in creating a Culture of Peace.

Winter Solstice Celebration

The Return of the Light

Join us in this special time of year – the darkest day and the season’s turning. As we attune to Earth’s rhythms, we, too, are being called to turn from the old and bring ourselves forward to receive what the winter season holds for us. Aligning with the heightened energy available to us all during this special Winter Solstice time of year, there is an opportunity to create a wave of transformational power that can transform our personal life and our world. Join us and millions worldwide who will share in prayer and song, dance and chanting, meditation and ritual as we celebrate the return of the Light. Gather together in the community spirit with a shared vision of the Winter Solstice creates – Magic!