Daily Protocol Suggestions for Staying Healthy During the Pandemic

Our Top 24 Daily Protocols We are breathing deeply We gargle with saltwater We are eating seaweed regularly We are taking high doses of Vitamin C Wash down areas with soap and water We are spraying our throats with an essential oil throat spray We are washing our hands with herbal soap and water Our daily practice Shamanu Primordial Movement and Breathwork We are having a sauna or a hot steam bath We are using Ozonated water (internally and externally) We are getting lots of sleep We are drinking lots of warm herbal teas We are drinking fire cider vinegar We are making fresh-squeezed lemon juice We are taking elderberry tea in extract form We are drinking fresh ginger juice tea We are integrating lots of garlic, onions, peppers and horseradish We make fresh vegetable juices and warming soups on most days We are eating primarily organic live-foods, sprouts, leafy greens We are making and drinking a fresh Electrolyte Lemonade We take our full-spectrum Immune Mushroom Extract formula daily Integrated our Herbal Immune Support Protocol We take walks around the forest gardens and in the woods We keep moving (strengthening your core) – Walk, run, hike, jump Additional Suggestions  1) Stay … Read more

Greetings & Updates

A warm greeting on this beautiful day, It’s been a full and exciting winter season with the launch of our new website and the gathering of folks who will be an active part of The Living Centre this year. It’s great to have them here to offer those who come to their guidance, expertise and mostly, their friendship. On the horizon for this year is our new ‘Earth Lodge’ (still in process), new ponds, a native plant medicine trail, of course, the 7-month Mentorships, which we both feel so grateful to offer and much more.  It feels like a dynamic year full of the unexpected and the magical. A calling to listen openly and learn to ‘trust the process’ at a much deeper level than what we have known is guiding our choices. Can you feel how the calling to change, transform and claim your path of service to the beautiful Earth community – our home.  And joyfully participate in creating the new paradigm of inter-being. These are exciting times to be alive. Jayme, Daniel and their two little ones Norman and Archer who are creating the ‘Forest Garden Farmacy’ in our one-hectare pear orchard, and Jolanta Dabrowski our beekeeper … Read more