The Sevenfold Path of Peace ~ Contemplations

The Sevenfold Path is a spiritual discipline that nourishes the expression of our whole being which includes our body, our mind, our families, culture, ecology and ultimately our spiritual reality. This path proves to be a powerful and effective spiritual model for harmonious living and a peaceful world. The processes support us in the natural expression of living our fullest potential of existence. The Sevenfold Path comes from the ancient Essenes who lived thousands of years ago and knew that the experience of peace is a personal one. If we ever hope to achieve a collective experience of peace, our first step as individuals is to heal that which hinders our experience of personal peace. The following are the seven aspects of contemplation for The Sevenfold Path of Peace that was used by the ancient Essenes: Peace with the Body We recognize the body as our sacred vehicle, created by spiritual laws of the universe and that in the body are manifested all the laws of life. The Essenes learned the healthful foods, herbs, breathing techniques, etc., that were needed to have a physical body filled with vitality. This contemplation nurtures the power of love and acceptance for our physical … Read more

The Sevenfold Path of Peace: An Integration of the Ancient Essenes, Ayurvedic Wisdom & The Five Great Elements

he Sevenfold Path of Peace is based on the ancient teachings of the Essenes. Living the Sevenfold Path provides a foundation for lasting planetary peace. The Living Centre is founded upon the unique fusion of the ancient  Essenes – Sevenfold Path of Peace, Ayurveda, Live-Food Nutrition and our living relationship with the elements – Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Ether. The purpose is to bring about an integrative lifestyle that embodies being at Peace with one’s Body, Mind, Family, Humanity, Culture, Ecology and God. The Essenes Most Profound Spiritual Principals ~ The Sevenfold Path The Sevenfold Path of the Essenes is a summation of their inner teaching, as noted by historian Edmond Bordeaux Szekely. The Sevenfold Path is a spiritual discipline which nourishes the expression of one’s unique Spirit through practices and philosophies that support the seven aspects of one’s life ~ the body, mind, heart/family, community, creative work, ecology, and ultimately, all of physical and spiritual reality. This path proves to be a powerful and effective spiritually inspired blueprint for harmonious living and the fulfillment of one’s Divine potential. Of profound importance within the teachings of the ancient Essenes is their recognition of the spiritual nature of the physical … Read more

The Essenes: An Ancient Permaculture People

Who were the Essenes? From the remote ages of antiquity, remarkable teaching has existed which is universal in its application and ageless in its wisdom.  Traces of the teaching have appeared in almost every country and religion as far back as ten thousand years. The Sevenfold Path of Peace, derived from the ancient Essene teachings, offers a strong foundation in essential lifestyle philosophies and practices in the art of conscious living.  A consciousness based on the core vision of the unity of all life and a passionate commitment to the noblest aspirations of humankind this lifestyle model supports and empowers the individual in a balanced, happy life in accordance with the laws of Nature. The teaching appears in the Zend Avesta of Zoroaster, who translated it into a way of life that was followed for thousands of years. It contains the fundamental concepts of Brahmanism, the Vedas and the Upanishads; and the Yoga systems of India sprang from the same source. Buddha later gave forth essentially the same basic ideas and his sacred Bodhi tree is correlated with the Essene Tree of Life. In Tibet, the teaching once more found expression in the Tibetan Wheel of Life. The Essenes lived … Read more

Peace through a Sattvic Diet

A Life-Enhancing Diet to Balance the Mind “Food is a dynamic force that interacts with the human on the physical body level, the mental-emotional level, and also the energetic and spiritual level. The study of nutrition is the study of the interaction with and assimilation of the dynamic forces of food by the dynamic forces of our total being.”~Gabriel Cousens, M.D., Spiritual Nutrition and The Rainbow Diet What is a Sattvic Diet? In Ayurveda, the emphasis is on a Sattvic diet for healthy living, particularly for keeping our minds clear, happy and at peace. The original Sattvic diet was devised for the development of higher consciousness. Sattvic foods are foods that are abundant in Prana – the universal life-force that gives life to all sentient beings in both plant and animal kingdoms. A Sattvic diet means not only vegetarian food but food rich in Prana – ‘life-force’ like organic fresh fruits and vegetables. It requires avoiding canned and processed food, and foods prepared with chemical fertilizers or sprays. It also means properly prepared fresh foods. Foods prepared with lots of love will add to their Sattvic quality. The ancient Ayurvedic criteria for foods to be considered Sattvic were quite simple: foods … Read more