We envision a world of peace and joy where humans live in harmony with each other and all of nature. 


The Living Centre is an eco-spiritual education sanctuary.  Established upon Earth-centered values, the philosophies and programs help people realize their ‘sacred work’ as builders of a planetary community focused on peace and respect for the sacredness of all life.

Our Education


1. The Centre’s lifestyle education supports the shifts of consciousness needed for healthy individuals and the planet.

2. The life-supporting leadership experiences offer spiritual guidance, deep earth connection and healthy living practices that support creating resilient and regenerative societies for generations to come.

3. The Living Centre provides people from all walks of life a direct experience of what it means to live a quality of life that is healing on all levels – from ecological sustainability to social justice, personal and emotional health and ultimately to spiritual awareness and reverence for all life.

4. The model of education and lifestyle approach that supports the unfolding of the human spirit is derived from an in-depth study of Nature, modern science, the wisdom of ancient traditions and an inquiry into the mystery of life.

We are committed to fully supporting you in creating a lifestyle that is holistic, balanced and purposeful.

Our Goals and Objectives

1.  To empower, educate & inspire individuals through our mentorship programs, certification and diploma leadership courses.

2.  To offer space and openings where the community can come together to support and express themselves through monthly and seasonal celebrations and events.

3.  To provide opportunities for thriving collaborations and partnerships that support individual ‘regenepreneurs’ and The Living Centre.