Eco-Spiritual Educational Sanctuary
(est. 1983)

Imagine What it Would be Like to…

live in a world where men and women are truly equal. Oh, not just ‘equal opportunity or ‘equal rights. It’s something more delicious, liberating and joyful. The memory of abuse that had so plagued women and those who identified as women have healed.  There’s a recognition of the unique differences and what is complementary in masculine and feminine energies. The patriarchal systems have long passed away and with them, the ‘power over’ mentality that dominated women and the Earth for over 6,000 years.  Pause for a moment. What would that feel like?… Can you remember?  No longer is a woman’s or anyone’s body held as anything other than sacred. The Earth is honoured as the great Mother and, like all women, the giver of Life. To hurt the Sacred Elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth knowingly would never cross a person’s mind. How could it? The entire educational system is designed around respect for Life, and most of the education is directly on the land in apprenticeship with the elders.  You might be saying right now, ‘Yeh sure, nice fantasy’.  Oh, there are lots of reasons to feel this way. We have been told that human nature is selfish, … Read more

We Can Be Whatever We Have the Courage to See

“Live courageously into the pain and uncertainty. Find that which cannot be lost. And you will live into a story worthy of these times.” ~Joe Brewer This we all know is true; our world is changing. For the past year, we have taken time to listen deeply and tune into ‘what’s next’. A few of you have heard or have been part of our evolving conversations regarding the new emerging normal.  Forced out of the familiar patterns of one’s life we believe this is the perfect moment to redefine oneself. it’s time to make new choices and step into our full power to propel ourselves and our culture forward. The global shutdown shifted our world into a “phase transition.” These are magical moments in time of great opportunity found throughout nature, where profound change is possible. Our invitation is to join us through our uniquely designed empowerment mentorship programs in the new science of consciousness. Ecological regeneration redefines what is possible and how to take full advantage of this critical moment to unlock your transformation. How do you want to respond to the calling of our collective future? We need to remember that we are part of this living planet. … Read more

A Walk Through the History of The Living Centre

You could say both of us spent our adult life imbued by the wholistic field. It was new, exciting and on the edge back in the ’70s. I, Lorenna, exploring consciousness and earth connection, and Shantree diving into his love for plants through herbalism and nutrition.  We loved supporting people in natural ways to heal their body-mind and deepen into the important questions of ‘Who am I?’, ’Why am I here?’ and ‘What is my service to the world?’ Life was full and fulfilling. About 25 years ago a deep and almost unbearable yearning to be of greater service to, what was becoming a withering planet’ began to emerge. Yes we know that healthy people make for a healthier planet yet we also saw that many people, while celebrating a healthier more vibrant lifestyle were not connecting the dots between the health of the Earth and human action.  This is about the time that Shantree and I met and the Centre started to go through it’s metamorphosis from being mostly a herbal centre to an eco-spiritual centre. Courses were created that reflected a larger vision of what health means.   Programs that addressed practical needs such as food, nutrition and … Read more