Forests & Community: A Walk through a Day – 2030

‘If governments won’t solve the climate, hunger, health, and democracy crises, then the people will. Regenerative agriculture living provides answers to the soil crisis, the food crisis, the health crisis, climate crisis and the crisis of democracy.” ~Dr.Vandana Shiva Message from Elders of the Future In the decade of the 2020s, we asked ourselves the question – In the Crisis: Regeneration or Degeneration. A significant shift was upon us. Here are a few steps we took to become herbal forest dwellers. Imagine waking up in the morning of 2030 living in a herbal ecovillage – everyone is acting as an ecosystem participant contributing to the whole, thriving in a regenerative forest community—fully connected forest dwellers. The basis of this earth culture is a living – like a tree’s metaphor for our society. The root system is our relationship with the earth, and the stem of the tree or hardwood that it’s the centre of the trunk is our core governance. The branches are the various cultural expressions, and the leaves are us as individuals. The ecological wisdom and knowledge of regenerative culture are – giving attention to and respecting communicating with the land and holding the ancient plant language as … Read more

Ecosystem Participant Opportunities

Collaborators & *Regenepreneur We are always looking to connect with skilled, energetic people who have an interest in collaborating with others who care about regeneration and what it means to create a healthy Earth community.   The Living Centre is a 50 acre, Eco-spiritual organic Permaculture centre. We have been in operation since 1983, initially as both a production garden and herbal centre. For almost 40-years, our focus has been mostly on education. Over the years we have planted thousands of trees including fruit and medicinal species. We have 3 wetlands, 3 ponds, an abundance of wildlife, a 25-acre untouched heritage forest, gardens, sacred spaces, an Earthship greenhouse, a strawbale studio and a cordwood/cob shed.  There is great abundance here. We are opening up opportunities for the right people to become a part of the Centre as an Ecosystem Participant.   What is an Ecosystem Participant? An Ecosystem Participant is someone who resonates with the vision, ethics and philosophy of the Centre. Who has skills or is willing to receive training at the Centre to acquire the skills needed for their project. Also, to participate in the required education to gain a clear understanding of the eco-spiritual principles our Centre abides by.  … Read more