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Ayurveda: Romantic Relationships Through the Lens of the Elements

Thousands of years ago, philosophers and scientists in ancient India devised Ayurveda, or “the science of life,” which explains the nature of everything in the universe.  The 5 Elements of Ayurvedic Medicine? Ayurveda bases its theory on the existence of five elements – basic principles or building blocks, which are the basis of life of the whole universe (the macrocosm), as well as our body (the microcosm), and are known as the five great elements: air; fire; water, earth, ether. Ancient wisdom to modern-day relationships, an exciting integrated new way to measure compatibility with lovers, friends, co-workers, and family, and arming them with the insight they need to make all their relationships work. The Law of Relationship says that we are all connected, and we are here to help each other learn and grow. We feel the same emotions; we share the same experiences. We face challenges and heartache, no matter where we live or how we live. Each of us experiences some loss in this lifetime. People come and go from our lives, whether by choice or by circumstance. How we cope with these events affects how we move forward, see the world, and feel about our lives.   As we … Read more