Eco-Spiritual Educational Sanctuary
(est. 1983)

Miraculous Abundance: A Veganic Ecological Permaculture Perspective

A Veganic Ecological Permaculture Perspective: Shifting the Paradigm & Creating a Bioabundant Future of Peace “I believe regenerative gardening is one of the most dangerous occupations on Earth because you’re in danger of becoming free.” Take a moment to consider that 50% of Americans were farming in 1880. Now less than 2% of the nation is employed in agriculture. From another perspective, in 1945, Americans grew 45% of their food in their backyard gardens. Now we grow 0.1% of our food in our backyards. We created this era of chemical mega-farms that has led to the destruction of our soils, water systems, oceans, and human health. By the same reality, we can transform this planet into the most verdant and regenerative ecosystem that has been in many millennia. We live in a time on planet Earth where many are questioning whether there is another way to live. Here at The Living Centre (est. 1983) in London, On. Canada, we believe the Earth is asking us to shift our ways of living and tend to the landscape. Each of us looks at how we move through our day in a peaceful and in harmony with our environment. A permaculture is a … Read more