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WomanEarth Spirit

womanearth spiritWomanEarth Spirit Circle

Our Mother Earth is suffering. We as women know Her suffering. We have been subject to the abuse of patriarchal arrogance for centuries. With the destruction of the Earth we are losing the guiding power of heart intelligence. I know that those of you reading this don't need me to go into details about what this means. We have all felt it in some way - women and men both. But this circle is about women and for women.

We find ourselves at the terminal stage of the industrial growth agenda with the opportunity to create something new and Life-Giving. What is the re-story-ation that you want to be part of?

The WomanEarth Spirit Circle is an opportunity for women to come together, create sacred space, explore what is still holding you back from stepping forward into your full power and purpose, and weave your way through the historical mess that we all have been born into. Centuries of suppression has not killed woman spirit - only slowed her down for a little while. This is our moment gals. And the Mother is calling us to stand up, be brave, move through our blocks, unearth our unique gifts, and enter the essential role we have each come to fulfill in the grand transformation of our time. 

Does this sound like a daunting task? Perhaps. With all that we see around us. it can appear hopeless. The fact is, no one knows what the outcome of this transformation will be. But one thing I do know for sure, is that embracing the journey to fulfill the purpose you are born to yields a joy and fulfillment that is contagious. 
woman's circle

And we are not alone. We have the wisdom of the ancestors and the hopes of future generations living in our bones. We have Earth, Air, Fire and Water as our teachers and guides - and - we have each other. A space to share our deepest hearts, seek our deepest answers and be heard. 

We will surround our conversations with movement, dance, songs, soundscapes, earth-connection rituals and sacred silence. We will listen into the moment together, giving space for the fluid unfolding of 'what is needed' now. 

These times of great change cannot be faced alone. We need each other and the Earth needs us. I come to the Circle in the spirit of sacred reciprocity, open to discover, with you, the inherent art of listening into, trusting and obeying the call of Spirit. Come ready to 'do the work' of transformation. 

woman hugs

  • Connect with the deep wisdom of our Gaian hearts
  • Activate empowered ingenuity in the face of our cultural crisis
  • Tap into the wonder & awe of Life’s regenerative energies
  • Awaken fresh ways of seeing & ancient ways of being in service to the revolution of our time
  • Listen through your body
  • Embrace the light of the sacred feminine  

You will receive reading material and have opportunity to keep alive the process from one session to another with contemplations and journaling. 

I invite you to join me as we allow the long days of light to ignite our journey and the season of abundance to reclaim the joy of true WomanEarth Spirit.

Dates: June 1 to July 27 - 9 Week Series

Times: 7:00 to 10:00pm

Cost: $313 plus tax

Picture offered by Deborah Koff-Chapin - Soulcards

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