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Primordial Journeys

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riverAfter 27 years of immersion into the Primordial Journey process I am still awed by it’s healing and transformational power.  I’ve witnessed countless times how quickly and seamlessly healing can happen at physical, emotional and psycho-spiritual levels when people journey into these practices consistently. The process has taught me how to enter into ‘felt awareness’ –  that first voice of spirit that speaks to us through the sensations in the body.  

 It is truly a pleasure to share this journeying process with you and support the transformations we are all called to navigate creatively through as we create together the new culture of Peace, Compassion, Love & Joy for all Beings. We begin that process right here inside our own bodies.

About the Primordial Journey Process  

Movement is as essential to Life as breathing. Dynamic expressions for healing, energizing, releasing and connecting.  A way of journeying into our bodies, hearts, psyche and our interconnection with the subtle forces of creation to understand, at a felt level, how to awaken the self-healing and regenerative forces that we are made of

The practices blend the spontaneity of nature-connected dance with liquid, organic wave movements, breath and healing soundscapes. Wave-motion is the movement of the Wind, Sea, Water and Land – and - the essential movement of your organism. The biological flow of these rippling movements govern the health of every system in your body. They direct the rhythms of your digestive systems, organs, circulation; affect the flow of thought, creativity, emotion and sexuality.  This intrinsic movement reconnects you to the wisdom that swims in your cells, connecting you with the animating Life Force of Earth.  When this movement is stuck, so are you. In movement we enter the fluidity of being alive, shattering the borders between body, heart, mind, Self, Nature and Universe.

 “The night sky, wind, sea and the land, each of these reveals cosmic powers that we are to have and become.” ~ Brian Swimme

Held within ritual space, self-paced and intuitively centered, this experience encourages authentic, spontaneous and imaginative exploration. Primordial Movement invites you to shed the skin of cultural hypnosis and fear, and reconnect with the beauty of your authentic Self.  

"The Primordial Movement EarthDance was a game changer for allowed me to actually experience the Elements within my body and deepen my connection to their power.  Lorenna facilitates with grace and wisdom, she creates a safe container for all to be fully authentic and to re-discover your essence." ~ Sherri

"Thank you for showing me the way to connect with Nature's powerful healing energy." Katie

The Benefits: Coming Back to Life

primordial movement

  • • Restores vitality & an extraordinary sense of well-being
  • • Cultivates self love & compassion
  • • Develops 'Felt Awareness' & intuition
  • • Integrates the Body-Mind connection
  • • Rebuilds trust in ones interconnected wisdom
  • • Releases stress, improves circulation & immune function
  • • Awakens bio-intelligence, creativity & intuition  
  • • Cultivates insight, compassion, love and inner peace

"These practices and philosophies helped me strengthen trust in myself and surrender to my inner wisdom." -Jenna  

What happens in Primordial Movement EarthDance  


An Experience To Renew and Reconnect with Self & Nature

The workshops offer you time and space to be in an atmosphere where tension can melt. Where you become more resonant, open and receptive to what is life sustaining. Where your capacity to replenish and renew is ignited.

The Primordial Journey is an organic process that requires deep listening to what is needed in the moment. For this reason every workshop is unique, depending upon the experience and needs of the participants. We encourage authentic, spontaneous and expressive explorations.  Incorporating feelings, memories, and creative impulses are welcomed elements in creating the matrix for your practice.

A General flow:  

Each workshop will include instruction, a diverse spectrum of subtle and dynamic movement processes. interactive dialogue  and integration time.

Workshops and trainings are taken outdoors (weather premitting) to re-attune to Nature, and in our cozy, wood-stove heated teaching Lodge. 

Primordial Movement is part of the Shamanu: Earth Wisdom Teachings.  


"Movement and dance are, for me, the language of the soul. Nothing else can so effectively give outward form to an inner experience. In it the creator and the thing created are one." Lorenna

Lorenna Bousquet-Kacera, founder of Shamanu: Earth Wisdom Teachings, and co-director with her husband Shantree of The Living Centre (est.1983), has followed her own wild heart to grow Earth centered training pathways that support the shift in consciousness needed to heal our alienation from the natural world. For over 25 years Lorenna has mentored ‘change makers’ from all walks of life. Her teachings support the reclaiming of our birthright as ecological beings, and with it an Earth-honouring vision that is centered in a practical spirituality.

She is co-founder and director with her husband Shantree of The Living Centre and Living Arts Institute. Lorenna is a Permaculture Educator, Ayurvedic Living Nutrition Educator and Sevenfold Path of Peace coach with a specialty in evolutionary regeneration at the personal, ecological and spiritual levels.

Her work is inspired by the teachings of indigenous cultures, Joanna Macy - The Work that Reconnects, Emilie Conrad and Susan Harper of Continuum, Living Systems Theory and the cosmological work of Brian Swimme & Thomas Berry.

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Dates & Registration dancing tree


8-Week Series:
October 12 to November 30, 7 to 9:30pm

Weekend Workshop:
November 25 & 26, 2017
Saturday - 9:30am to 9pm
Sunday - 9:30am to 5pm


8-Week Series - $240

Weekend Workshop - $270  

Weekend includes: 2 organic vegan lunches provided. Sunday dinner will be a potluck.
Does not include: taxes, accommodations or transportation. 

This workshop can be taken on its own or as a part of the Shamanu: Earth Wisdom Teachings 4-Part Eco-Spiritual Pathway

Payment can be made through 'PayPal' below, or by certified cheque. Please make cheque payable, adding the 13% hst tax, to The Living Centre and send to: 5871 Bells Rd., London, ON., Canada, N6P 1P3


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Where can I stay?

Read our commitment and cancellation policy here

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What People are Saying

Dancer"The practices that Lorenna teaches such as movement, sounding & breath techniques are so amazing in that they really support me when I go through tough emotions…..they also have the practical side effect of keeping my body, mind and spirit fit & flexible in all ways too." ~ Kim

"Lorenna is an amazing  teacher...she shares great wisdom on a spiritual level, while guiding us through movement processes in a very practical & gentle way." Jayme

"My time doing the Shamanu Primordial Movement processes with Lorenna gave me so much more than I had expected - not only physical but emotional & spiritual aspects of my life have been altered & enhanced, I think permanently. Lorenna's deeply caring & patient guidance make me want to learn more from her & return again to such a healthy & beautiful place." ~Sarah

"Thank you so much for sharing your nurturing and healing practice. I have learned soooo much and feel way more connected to myself and life." - Kathleen

"The moment I saw the movement, I strongly resisted. I have always been detached from my body but even though it scared me, I knew this was something I needed. Through movement, sound & breath techniques, Lorenna’s loving guidance created a safe environment that allowed me to knock down my walls and face the unknown with trust.  Physically I feel stronger, my body is opening up and telling me things that I’ve never noticed. Emotionally, I’m connecting deep within myself and starting to heal deep-rooted issues. Spiritually, I’m connecting with our world and the elements on a higher level knowing this wave is a part of everything and therefore so am I. I am still in wonder of what this movement can do and I’m so thankful to have this amazing present" ~ Andrea

"I woke up this morning at 4:30, and had an amazing feeling during my Primordial Movements practice. I felt like I was speaking to my heart for the first time." Angie


"The Primordial Movement journeys have re-created a language and communication with my emotional and spiritual self. Through the movement I have experienced a greater balance and a connection with myself that allows me to feel and understand the more universal truths within me. And all done in pleasure. Thank you." Tara

"Thank you for the amazing classes. I was in heaven with the 'work' we did!  I am grateful that this is your life's work.  It is powerful and makes a great difference in the world."  Joanna

"The Shamanu practices are incredible...I'm so glad that I have stuck with it. I was resistant at first. This 'secret' that I had buried in my body was still as fresh as it had been the day I locked it there. I thought I had thrown away the key, but this time as it came to light, I embraced it, moved into it and let myself be witness to it...and the release that it brought was nothing short of a miracle."  Jaime 

¨Primordial Movement and sound have been the key to physical and emotional well being for me. I embrace it fully and am totally thankful to you as I know in my heart I am on the right journey now and am loving the total process.¨~Beth  

"I had a rough night, my emotions were all over. Ny mind was racing. I finally got up and did the program you gave me. WOW! Two hours passed before I knew it, and I felt so centered/connected. It was unbelievable!!!! I feel soooo good!!" A.M.

singing bowl

"My experience with Shamanu & Primordial Movement has been very beautiful. It has re-created a language and communication with my emotional and spiritual self through my physical being. Through the movement I have experienced a greater balance and a connection with myself that allows me to feel and understand the more universal truths within me. It has been the reclaiming of a very powerful tool for understanding and expressing my true nature, as I strive to live to my fullest potential."~Tara Peters

"This was a very empowering and awakening experience. These processes helped me strengthen trust in myself and surrender to my inner wisdom. Lorenna's great guidance helped me go into the unknown, meet what blocks me and hold sacred space for myself. Lorenna is a gifted teacher and facilitator and The Living Centre environment is transformative." Dawn