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Practical Herbalism Training

Forest Walk

Practical Herbalism

Currently, we are seeing herbal medicine reaching out to many people in our society. There are increased numbers of herbal students, practitioners, and schools engaged in learning and promoting the use of herbal medicine. All this appears to reflect a booming state of herbal medicine, but if we really respect our tradition as a living organism, it becomes evident that the original vitality of the system is expiring. The deeper layers of its pulse are becoming weak.
~ Candis Cantin, RH

It's time to go back to our roots and look at the original truths and teachings of herbalism.
When we grow our own organic herbs we eradicate damage done by fossil fuels, GMO genetically modified organism  seeds, petroleum packaging materials, chemical fertilizers and pesticides, while cultivating an intimate relationship with our environment. Experiencing and assisting the growth of herbs ensures a personal healing loop between planter and planted. There is no better remedy than one nurtured with care and intention from preconception to packaging.

This two-part weekend workshop which teaches the skills necessary to become confident in basic herbal ways. Between time in the garden and classroom you will learn how make a wide variety of herbal preparations and how to use them. Learn how to identify and gather medicinal plants during garden walks. At the end of the series, you will have the beginnings of an herbal medicine chest as well as the knowledge to expand it on their own. The curriculum will focus on the following areas:

Johnney Jump UpsMedicine-Making: Correct methods for drying and storing herbs as well as 'hands-on' classes in preparing tinctures, oils, extracts, solar infusions, syrups, salves, and more.

Materia-Medica: A study of the medicinal uses of plants we have seen in the wild and in the garden. We will discuss the ways specific herbs affect the body and the role of herbs in preventing and treating illness. Each day will have direct hands-on experience.

Plant Identification and Medicinal Plant Growing: Learn the basic skills of how to use the local plant identification books and develop sensory awareness in order to identify plants independently. Basic cultivation and garden skills for medicinal plants will be discussed and demonstrated. Emphasis will be placed on herbs that are easily grown in this bioregion zone.

Practical Herbalism: Soil Ecology, Permaculture & Plant Medicine

Plant Study

May 6-7, 2017
Times: 9am - 5pm

The purpose of this training series is to work from the soil to the finished product. Learn about culinary garden, herbal and edible landscaping and creating a sacred medicine sanctuary. Our focus will be on the practical hands-on-learning of herbal medicine including wild-crafting and harvesting herbs, edible wilds, herbal preparations, wild plant identification and personal plant projects. Experiencing and assisting the growth of herbs ensures a personal healing loop between planter and planted. There is no better remedy than one nurtured with care and intention from preconception to packaging. Learn in-depth the uses of a handful of herbs and how to make basic herbal remedies. 

Practical Herbalism: The Family Herbalist

Shantree Teaching

Sept 2-3, 2017
Times: 9am - 5pm.

An in-depth exploration of the many facets of herbalism through focusing on single herbs. Learn the herbal essentials, each session we will work with a small group of medicinal plants growing in our medicine wheel herb garden or the wildflower meadows. We will look at the healing plants from numerous angles including botanical, therapeutic, energetic, historical and the sacred.

Each day will include hands-on medicinal preparations such as salves, oils and extracts. We will also discuss medicinal plant cultivation: seed gathering, harvesting, drying, preserving and preparing medicinal plants. There will be time for one-on-one interaction with the herbs in the garden. We'll also discuss the principles of ethical harvesting. Includes samples of extracts and medicines made in class. This workshop promises to be an unique and intimate herbal experience!

Why buy herbal products when it's so simple and empowering to make your own? 

Who can benefit from Practical Herbalism?

If you want to take your health to the next level, Practical Herbalism guides you to:

• Improve your health and that of your families
• Help those who are suffering with an illness
• Expand your knowledge of how ancient cultures used nutritional plants
• Share the energy of plants with friends and family
• Learn how you can use these dietary herbs in your kitchen
• Harvest a plant and within minutes have a powerful medicine in your handsHerb Walk
• Support your own healing journey
• Deepen your love affair with living plants

What happens during a Practical Herbalism Experience?

By the end of this training, you will possess the following knowledge and skills:

    1.    You will be able to identify different species and medicinal wild plants.
    2.    You will be able to discuss the facts of herbs and have  understanding of how they work within the body.
    3.    You will have an understanding of how the body systems work and which herbs are appropriate to use for each system.
    4.    You will be introduced to the energetic model of plants from an Ayurvedic approach.
    5.    You will have an understanding of plant characteristics and their therapeutic uses.
    6.    You will be have the confidence create a program for acute illness.
    7.    You will have an understanding of the Nature of Disease (not just the symptoms) and how to balance body and support the environment.

What you will learn:

Herb WalkHerbalism theory content

  • Soil Ecology
  • Organic Soil for Organic Bodies
  • Herbal Permaculture
  • Bioregional Plant Medicine
  • The Secret of Plant Life
  • Personal Plant Projects

Practical Herbalism Experience

Herb Garden

  • Plant Identification
  • Wild-crafting and Harvesting herbs
  • Medicinal Herb Collection & Preservation
  • Edible Wild Plant Foraging
  • Designing a Forest Herb Garden
  • Herbal Medicine-Making
  • Creating a Herbal First-Aid Kit

Recommended Reading

  • Family Herbal: Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health
  • The Illustrated Holistic Herba~ David Hoffman, MNIMH
  • Planting Our Future-Rosemary Gladstar
  • The Herbal Medicine~Makers Handbook: A Home Manual
  • The Dictionary of Modern Herbalism: A Practical Guide to Practical Herbal Therapy, ~ Simon Y. Mills, M.A, MNIMH


shantreeShantree is an Ayurvedic Live-Food Nutritionist, Therapeutic & Shamanic Herbalist, and Constitutional Iridologist Educator with 40 years experience in the Natural Healing Arts. He is the founder and co-director of The Living Centre (1983), and Living Arts Institute.

Shantree received his doctorate in Nutritional Medicine and Herbalism in the 70's. Since then he has been exploring the effect of food and herbs on one's physical, mental & emotional health. His passion and study has lead him to explore the benefits of a high energy Ayurvedic live-food approach to nutrition. He has had the honour to teach, counsel and empower thousands of individuals on their health and educational journey.

Facilitator Shantree Kacera, D.N., Ph.D. 

Dates for Practical Herbalism

To accommodate individual needs a person can attend as a One-Day workshop on Saturday or as a Two-Day weekend.

Balancing StonePractical Herbalism:
Soil Ecology, Permaculture & Plant Medicine

May 6-7, 2017
Times: 9am - 5pm

Practical Herbalism:
The Family Herbalist

Sept 2-3, 2017
Times: 9am - 5pm.

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Frog on Lily PadIncludes: workshop, educational material and herb samples.

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