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Wild Earth, Wild Heart Immersion

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Date & Registration


August 3 to 10, 2018

Please Note: This Immersion is being offered only to the Shamanu: Wild Earth, Wild Heart Mentorship participants and those who have had experience with the Shamanu: Earth Wisdom Teachings prior to the Immersion through workshops, mentorships or retreats

For most of human existence we lived in intimate relationship with the living Earth, our wild hearts immersed in the wonders of creation. Tuned to the rhythms and cycles of nature we learned and were nourished by the non-human powers of the land. Through an ‘age old’ reciprocity with the animate Earth we experienced the sacred unity of all living things and joy of living completely connected within the web of Life. 

The Immersion takes you outdoors onto the land where the miracle of inter-being is restored.  The natural world draws you beyond the confines of your usual ‘rote’ perceptions into a wellspring of teachings and insights. Nature-based practices, plant energetics, vision quest, journeying, dance, meditation, ritual and community building help fine tune your perceptions, so that you may enter a world that speaks to you through both visible and energetic language. Embracing the unseen dimensions, you hear the voice of Earth, and receive the supportive wisdom from the more-than-human world. Deepen your spiritual inter-communion and discover the true essence of the wild within. 

You are guided into your soul connection with the more-then-human world, where your dreams and destiny intertwine, and your inner world and outer world meet to simultaneously enrich each other. Reclaiming your wild heart helps you to remember how to reconnect – and why it matters.

"The Wild One is enchanted because it has been sung into the world by the world and knows this."  

"I can't help but think of two words in particular: ecstatic bliss. I feel so blessed to have shared so many profound, life-altering experiences with such a diverse group of individuals. The immersion was and still remains a dream come true." ~ Melanie

The Approach


Our approach is to ground education in the source of Life - the Earth. The experiential nature-centered philosophies and practices deepen your innate capacity to make contact with, learn from and be nourished by the ‘other powers of life’. Merging with the primal intelligence of the wind, sun, oceans and mountains ignites your ability to consciously participate in Life's self-renewing activities and mutually enhancing relationships. 

Core processes support the journey from the familiar inner terrain to ones creative edge where a more vital and authentic self awaits. Being held within a supportive community makes it easier to overcome inner resistance and blocks that keep you from experiencing the joy of your full potential and creative edge.

Held & Supported

pond & tipi

Founded in 1983, The Living Centre is a 50 acre educational sanctuary with wild meadows, forest-woodland, spring-fed pond and Permaculture grown organic fruit orchards and gardens. The land has always been organic. The spacious surroundings offer a perfect setting for learning, regeneration and reconnecting. Over the course of 30 years, The Living Centre has transformed into an integrated, multifunctional, ecologically abundant living classroom.  Learn more

“I connected with community, with all of nature, with spirit and the self more than I ever thought was possible.  The Immersion was a means of splitting open...right down to my root, setting my true wild nature free...and on the loose.”  ~ Rita

The Flow

Friday: Begins with registration at 4pm & dinner at 5:30pm
Saturday: 9:00am - 5:30pmdrumming
Sunday: 9:00am - 9:00pM
Monday: 9:30am - 9:00pm
Tuesday: 9:00am - 5:30pm
Wednesday: 9:00am - 9:00pm
Thursday: 9:00am - 5:30
Friday: 9:30 - finishes with lunch at 12:30

Sunrise and sunset meditation will be announced during the Immersion



“This 8 day immersion was in my top three transformative experiences in my life:  What really stood out for me was how the three leaders provided a safe container, stimulating experiences/ceremonies in a very timed fashion (they trusted the process) for each of us in our own time to shed our old skin and don the new  mantle of joy and abundance. I was literally able to rewild (find my core bliss, feel free to express myself with dance, words, and tears while reconnecting with new/old tribe members and sweet sweet mother earth and her elements. I was thrilled with their ability to create a literal tribe where everyone had each other’s back, there was total acceptance, deep listening and joyful celebration between all members. It was an extremely safe place for me to grieve and express my deep innate power and wisdom.” ~ Margy

"I can't help but think of two words in particular: ecstatic bliss. I feel so blessed to have shared so many profound, life-altering experiences with such a diverse group of individuals. The immersion was and still remains a dream come true.  I felt like everything happened at the right time, it did not feel rushed or hectic." ~ Melanie  

“The word "Chen"/stretch, comes to mind. So I've been stretched. Stretching the edges of edges themselves, for enhanced awakening, openings, depth, playfulness,and touching. I was looking for a change to help me be more confident in being my own authority. And that is taking place as a result of our week together.” ~ Dale

lunch"For the most part, Rewild and Reconnect was fantastic.  The planning of everyday was brilliant.  We each got a chance to work with new people, yet deeply connect with our home groups.  We were always learning/experiencing new things; dialogues were focused and essential.  The community aspect was definitely reached.  We all felt so loved, cared for, nurtured, proud of each other—I have never felt such a deep connection with a group of people in such a short time.  And the practices are so powerful and fun that I can’t help but want to practice them or think about them all the time.  I feel the excitement of the elements wanting to be recognized, spoken to, and appreciated…and they dance inside me.  Most importantly, I feel powerful, like I don’t need anyone’s permission to push forward green initiatives or desires for my own happiness." ~ Rita

beach"I am eternally grateful for the Re-Wild Immersion experience where boundaries softened through the sensitive and passionate co-facilitation by Lorenna, Shantree, and Bill.  I felt the earth of my body, heart, mind, spirit, and soul being reshaped, loved, humbled, and transformed by the sacred permaculture land of The Living Centre - its forest, tree/plant/herb/flower spirits, primordial movement, soul sound, journey space, drum heart beat, communion with others in such loving and respectful ways honouring the sacredness of all relationships and living beings." ~ Gillian

"What a week!  What started out with feeling extremely anxious; believing that I was not ready; ended with being a part of a loving tribe that embraced all of its members. The time as a whole was amazing. It really gave me the chance for the first time to release my old story! The ease of flow with activities and
days intermeshing, was great and allowed the care and depth of knowledge of Bill, Lorenna & Shantree to shine
through."  – Daniel  

I just loved it so much. What a powerful way to connect with people, to learn methods of dealing with multiple kinds of stresses, and being gifted with simple ways of coping by re-establishing connection with the mother.~ Carolyn

"An amazing and transformational experience. I loved every moment. Thank you!" Beverly

I really have never experienced a retreat that stirred me to the degree that this one did.  Building the connection and how the group held the container awakened  an even deeper connection. That combined with the energy of the 3 of you and how you also allowed yourselves to be part of the process, both
vulnerable and strong and real.  There was an alchemy created with all of us and with the land around us that just felt mystical and gave me this ecstatic feeling like I really could live harmoniously - that it can be different. Something big has shifted. I feel healing inside of me but it’s also this deeply felt awareness that I am connected to the earth - so it is not just my own healing. It really enjoyed getting into the natural rhythms of nature and seeing what a difference that made in how I felt and my energy levels.What really stood out for me was the time we got to spend with each other - heart centred people - in a beautiful, loved and abundant diversity of nature - trees, birds, flowers, bees - the peak of nature in its fullest and most fruitful time of year. Just being immersed in it and doing the rituals and movement and dancing, singing - sharing deeply with each other - it was just the closest to feeling like I was gardenliving in a paradise that I have ever felt. ~ Kim

"It is this kind of education that will take us into the future in a good way. Totally inspiring." Sean

"To walk barefoot day after day, and feel the earth beneath me. To slow down. I was nourished with love and respect and vitality. I was held in a safe and sacred space. I was shown how to find this safe space, and this courage anywhere." - L

"I felt my intertwining with the earth, my connection to my larger self, and to others. We are not separate." - S

"danceI know now that there is a greater intelligence within me that I had just lost touch with.  I trust now, that even if I will get lost,  I can come back to who I really am." - T

"The Immersion gave me the tools to feel my soul, it gave me the strength and the courage to own my spirit, and the sacred space to re-connect to a deep sense of who I really am and the steps I need to take to reach a potential that is grounded in the Earth." - D  

Your Guides

Wild Earth, Wild Heart Immersion | Shamanu | Trainings


Lorenna Bousquet-Kacera, founder of Shamanu: Earth Wisdom Teachings, (est. 1989), a grandmother and daughter of the Earth. Lorenna has followed her own wild heart to grow Earth centered training pathways. Weaving enchanted stories and wise council, Lorenna support us at this time of global crisis/opportunity, to return, emboldened to Earth and to our own human wildness. 

For over 45 years Lorenna has mentored ‘change makers’ from all walks of life. Her teachings help us reclaim our birthright as ecological beings, and with it an Earth-honouring vision that is centered in a practical spirituality. 

Lorenna is the co-director with her husband Shantree of The Living Centre (est.1983). She is a Permaculture Educator, Ayurvedic Living Nutrition Educator and Sevenfold Path of Peace coach with a specialty in evolutionary regeneration at the personal, ecological and spiritual levels. Learn more>


Shantree Kacera, D.N., Ph.D. is a Permaculture Educator, Ayurvedic Live-Food Nutritionist, Practical & Shamanic Herbalist, Constitutional Ecological Consultant & Forest Garden Practitioner with 40 years experience.

Shantree's love for the plant world has instilled in him the capacity to listen to the language of plants and be a voice and protector of them. He offers guidance and tools for connecting with the energetic and spirit realm of the plant kingdom. He will bring his years of experience in the ancient art of Ayurveda to help you understand how the elements shape body, mind and emotions, and how to rebalance these powerful life-energies for personal and global healing and transformation. 

Shantree's deep spiritual connection to the Earth has drawn him into the teachings of shamanic and earth wisdom practices as well as Carolinian Canada native plant preservation and studies. Learn more>


"I am eternally grateful for the Re-Wild Immersion experience where boundaries softened through the sensitive and passionate co-facilitation by Lorenna, Shantree, and Bill.  I felt the earth of my body, heart, mind, spirit, and soul being reshaped, loved, humbled, and transformed by the sacred permaculture land of The Living Centre

rewild immersion


Date:  August 3 - 10, 2018

The Immersion is part of the Shamanu: Wild Earth, Wild Heart 8-month Mentorship and open to:

- Previous Immersion Participants 
- Previous Mentorship students
- Those with training in the Shamanu: Earth Wisdom Teachings processes


Begins Friday 3 at 4pm. with registration & dinner to Friday 10 with lunch


Regular Price: $1675 ($1200 for Immersion, $325 for meals & $125 for tent accommodations. (Cabins are available at an extra cost.) 

Early-Bird: $1450 Can. by June 1, 2018  

Includes: All Immersion sessions, educational material, 3 organic vegan meals daily, snacks and herbal teas, tenting accommodations (byo).
Does not include taxes and transportation     

Private Cabin: $155 extra - beddings provided - quaint and cozy - no electricity or water

Work Trade Opportunities: Partial work-trade of up to $200 is available. Please inquire at 519-652-9109
Limited Scholarships available

Payment can be made through 'PayPal' below, e-transfer, or by certified check or Visa. Please make check payable to
The Living Centre and send to: 5871 Bells Rd., London, ON., Canada, N6P 1P3


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The Immersion is part of the Shamanu: Wild Earth, Wild Heart 8-month Mentorship program

Read our commitment and cancellation policy here

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For information about the Shamanu Earth Wisdom Educator Course click here>

"We are creating with our imaginations a period of rebuilding, where the intercommunion of all species will guide our life activities. We must come to understand that these dreams of ours do not originate in our brains alone. We are the space where the Earth dreams." - Brian Swimme